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Monday, 30 April 2007

Dreaming Dreams

Do you dream? Here, I am simply asking about the dreams that occur when we sleep, not of the noble kind of dream: vision, goal, aspiration that all of us have and only some of us, ok, most of us grow great by. :)

"A dream is the experience of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep." (Source: Wikipedia)

I dream, every night without fail for as long as I can remember. I always remember my dreams, mostly in colour. I used to keep dream logs but not any more simply because there are too many to record. Now I only record the really unusual ones. Strange you say, why/ how would anyone dream every night? Yes, I find it strange too, apparently I am the only one in the family who dreams this much. Maybe I am just a dreamer. Hahaha.

I have mostly pleasant dreams, a couple of recurring ones, some really weird ones but seldom nightmares, thank goodness. Why you ask? Because I am not a lucid dreamer. That means I don't realise that I am dreaming and so I can't control my dreams. Imagine if I have nightmares of Freddy Krueger chasing me. *Shudders*

I love dreaming because to me, it is like reading a book: I don't know what the twist is and when it is coming up and how many twists there are going to be. Dreams are colourful, adventurous, strange, exciting, insane, fantasy, real - all rolled together. As Marsha Norman aptly put it, "Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you". I do believe dreams are the visuals to my soul. I do believe when I am asleep, my soul, my consciousness is soaring.

And from Carl Jung:
"The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens into that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was a conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach".

So do you dream?

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Rain, Lightning and Thunder and ...Cupcakes

Before I went to sleep this morning close to 3:30am, I noticed the sky was cloudy and it was tinged red. My mother taught us that it meant a storm was coming. True enough, around 4am or my side of the island at least, it started to rain heavily. The pounding of the rain soon lulled me to sleep. (After all, it was really late. My sympathies to SA who was then still working in his office ALONE!) Soon after, flashes of lightning and claps of thunder followed.

But it was not the bright flashes or the loud rumblings which woke me up slightly after 4:30am. You know how sometimes you suddenly become very alert for no rhyme or reason. That was what happened to me. It was all dark in the room and suddenly, with a flash of lightning, I saw a pair of eyes staring at me! It was Juliane. Hahaha. It's a good thing that I'm into horror, supernatural and such so my heart is of stronger mettle. Hahaha. She was waken up by the thunder, not because she was scared of the thunder but that it was too noisy! I got her back to sleep again amidst the flashes and rumblings but she would only sleep if I covered her ears with my hands so that she wouldn't hear the thunder. So I am her ear muffler. Hahaha. Several times, thinking she was asleep, I slowly withdrew my hands but she pulled my hands back over her ears. Sheesh, talk about being a light sleeper. Thought I am bad enough as a light sleeper, she is worse. Hahaha.


We met up with a friend, Hoon for brunch/ lunch at The Marmalade Pantry, Palais Renaissance. It is one of our favourite food haunts. You have to make bookings or you have to wait for quite a while, espcially for the Sunday Brunch. It is quite popular with both expats and locals alike. The food is yummy and the dessert, especially, the cupcakes (the Pantry is famous for their cupcakes)... simply speechless. Yes, you can tell I have a sweet tooth. Both Hoon and my husband ordered the so-called breakfast set which allowed them to mix and match. They both had Scrambled eggs, Pork sausages, Toast, but with a different side dish of Sauteed mushrooms and Baked beans respectively. Marieann had the kid's set of Scrambled eggs, Sausage, Toast and Fries. Juliane had Penne with Broccoli, Ham and Cheese. I had the Linguini with Crabmeat, Tomato and Pinenuts. There was supposed to be chili in the linguini but since I don't take chili, I asked the chef to remove it. :) The food was simply great! For desserts, the girls had their Cloud Nine cupcakes and the adults shared a Sticky Date Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream and Sticky Date Pie slice, accompanied with 2 coffee for Hoon and my husband, and a mint tea for me. It was Delicious and Sweet! We packed four cupcakes to go. Go try this place, if you have the time.

Cloud Nice cupcake

Updated 29 April 2007, 8pm
It is 8pm now. I am still feeling very full. Maybe I will have a light supper instead of dinner. Hahaha.

Saturday, 28 April 2007


This is my first visit to the National Library at its present site. I am just in awe of what I saw. It is so... I just can't describe it but it is good. It evoked memories and emotions long forgotten. It is a good feeling. Thanks again, SA. With Juliane quietly in tow, I walked through the shelves and browsed at the books. Eventually, I stopped at the Comics and Graphic Novels shelves. Hahaha. Yup, I saw the titles you recommended: Ultimate X-men, New X-men, ... and many more, including Buffy. My fingers automatically started to rearrange the Buffy comics in order. A habit learnt. You will know why later.

Walking through the shelves, looking at people reading books, being in NL again, sure brought back many fond memories and emotions. You are right, SA. It is like the rediscovery of some lost continent. I remembered going to the old NL too (at Stamford and the red bricks) when I started primary school. Both my brother and I were regular patrons of NL then. Eventually, I stopped going to NL when I was in secondary school. I only went to NL again at JC for a GP research project. Sadly, that was the last time I stepped into NL until now. Better late than never. Hahaha.

However, all the time I was absent from NL, I was still surrounded by books. I had joined the Library ECA, in primary and secondary school. I loved being the first person in the library and the last person to leave the library (still do actually). I could proudly say I finished reading all the books in the primary school library as well as in the school secondary library. I was spending so much time in the library, that eventually, I was voted the head librarian in secondary school. Hahaha. So now, you know why I would automatically rearrange books when I see them out of place. A "bad" habit, in deed. Yes, sometimes I tend to do that too even at bookshops. Hahaha.

Currently, going to the NIE/ NUS libraries are for work and study - looking for books and journal articles. I still love the excitement of looking for a particle book or journal volume among the rows and rows of shelves. But because it is for work/ study, it does take the fun out of reading and of going to the library, if you know what I mean. However, with the rediscovery of NL, I shall go there in future for my leisure read.

Oh yes, I am now a registered library member and I have got my library membership card too. Hahaha. I also managed to dig up my old NL library cards. I know I am such a sentimental fool. Hahaha.

PS. See you around at the NL, SA. =)

Out with Juliane

Today, my husband and I had to run separate errands so we each took charge of one daughter.

I brought my younger daughter along to collect my comics at Brash Basah Complex. Before we did that, I took her to the National Library, just next to BBC for a quick visit. The visit turned out to be an hour long. Juliane was really thrilled to see so many books. She was particularly interested with the comics, naming me all the characters she knew - Spiderman, Superman, Batman, ... Ok, looks like another "me" in the making who likes comics: like mother, like daughter. Hahaha. I am also proud of her that she knew to keep quiet in the library even though it is her first visit ever to a library. My thoughts of NL later in another post, so bear with me ;).

We went to BBC for the comics and then walked over to Raffles City for lunch. As it was only 11:30am, there was no crowd. I ordered my Boston Clam Chowder: Grande (larger portion) from The Soup Spoon. I love creamy soup and especially, clam chowder. Hahaha. Juliane was only interested in the roll that came with the soup but she did dip her bread into my soup occasionally.

I brought Juliane to Starbucks because she wanted to eat more bread and I wanted a hot drink. I ended up buying her a Peachy Danish and Lime Juice and for myself, a Caramel Hot Chocolate. I had wanted tea but couldn't resist the hot chocolate. Hahaha.

We left for home around 1pm. Time for Juliane to take her nap and for me to get back to my book. =)

Thank you

Thanks, SA, for all your trouble and effort in looking up the books, both those that I am intending to look at and those that I might be interested in. I really appreciate it! Guess what, I also did some "homework" last night but most books are out on loan. Sigh. That means I don't have to go?! :D Hahaha. Only joking. All the more I should go after your effort, although it looks like nice weather to curl up in bed with a good book, like "The Swarm". Still reading it, only at pg 387 out of 881 pages. A bit slow going for this book. Usually, I can finish a Rollins/ Reilly within 12 to 24 hours, which means I read through the night.

Yar, NLB should pay you a commission for trying to promote library going. Hahaha.

Ok, I am off to the library. It opens at 10am, doesn't it? I like libraries when they are free of people, like early in the morning. Just books and me. Will talk about my experience of the new NL and my past library experiences in my next post.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Plans for Tomorrow

Ok, I am my usual self again. Hmm... am making plans for tomorrow. Taking a break from my writing. So what shall I do tomorrow?

I have to collect my comics from Brash Basah Complex. Maybe can browse a bit at Popular. Then I can pop over to Raffles City basement for lunch at The Soup Spoon. Thinking of the Boston Clam Chowder. Yummy. Getting hungry. Hahaha. And maybe can also read my book while having a cup of tea at ... somewhere(?).

Hmm... hang on, what's that building next to BBC? Yar, that tall 16-storey modern-looking one. Isn't it the National Library?! Hahaha. Pondering, pondering, pondering... Shall I give it a visit?

What do you all think? :) Hahaha.

The Rainy Day


The day is cold, and dark, and dreary
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
The vine still clings to the mouldering wall,
But at every gust the dead leaves fall,
And the day is dark and dreary.

My life is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
My thoughts still cling to the mouldering Past,
But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast,
And the days are dark and dreary.

Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It is pouring heavily again. The day is cold, and dark, and dreary...without and within me......

PS. Once in a while, the dark mood is upon me. Don't worry, it will soon pass.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

TV series

When taking a break from my writing, my mind started to wonder, as usual. Today, it wondered to all the TV series that I have watched or am still watching. I realised I watched only certain genre of TV series too, like the books I read. What I think of the series (not in chronological order):
(Do I like them? Of course, otherwise I won't be watching, right?! lol)

Space 1999 - saw it when I was really young so only remembered the "Eagle" spacecraft. There was a re-run recently on tv, so managed to fill in the many, many gaps of my 1st sci-fi tv series from my childhood. I think this series sparked my interest about space and astronomy.
Battlestar Galactica (original) - Starbuck, Apollo, Athena, Cassiopeia,... names from Greek mythology. An interest of mine so I was hooked on the series too, besides it being sci-fi. Have the DVD set. Ok, Starbuck is not part of the Greek myth but I had a crush on him. Hey, I was very young then, ok?! Hahaha.
Battlestar Galactica (new) - already a big fan of BG. Love the darker and more serious themes.
V - lizard aliens posing as humans. "Humankind's last stand".
Star Trek (original) - I saw the series as re-run when I was studying in Oz. "To boldly go where no man has gone before".
Star Trek: The Next Generation - actually found Borg quite cool. Hahaha.
Star Trek: Voyager - again the Borg, Seven of Nine is so cool.
Star Trek: Enterprise - really refreshing, I thought it has so much room to develop, compared to the other Star Trek series.
Babylon 5 - about a space station (No. 5 actually) stationed in neutral space, it is a sanctuary, a military post for Earth, as well as a home to aliens and humans. I tried to follow all 5 seasons but I might have missed episodes here and there.
The X-Files - really COOL. "The truth is out there". I have got the X-Files comics too.
Stargate SG-1 - the combination of sci-fi and Egyptian mythologies.
The Twilight Zone - no need for introduction, this one, it's sci-fi, horror, everything.
The Outer Limits - kind of like The Twilight Zone, just more sci-fi.
Roswell - what better place than Area 51 for teenage alien/ human hybrids to land ...
Dark Angel - hmm...barcode on humans, the way to go for us in the future??
Taken - a story about 3 families, spanning over a few decades and three/ four generations, intertwining with aliens...
Farscape - a bit like Lost in Space, except this is just one man who is lost.
The 4400 - has paranormal abilities/ 'superpower' elements, time-space issues...
Smallville - the teen years of Superman minus the cape and red undies. Thank goodness. Hahaha.
Heroes - like reading comics and there is hope for us to have superpowers. Hahaha.

Action/ fantasy:
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - ok, for the hunk, no I mean for the Greek mythologies! Hahaha.
Xena: Warrior Princess - again for the Greek mythologies and great to see women kick butts. :)

Action/ supernatural
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - lean, mean fighting machine. Hahaha. I have the DVDs for Seasons 1 to 7. For 3 seasons, I have to lug home from UK cos they are banned in Singapore.
Angel - a spin-off from BtVS. I also have the DVDs for Seasons 1 to 5. Again have to lug 2 seasons home from UK for the same reason as BtVS.

Charmed - "The Power of Three". Who doesn't want to be a witch and have magical powers? For good, of course. Hahaha.
The Hex - kind of like BtVS but the Brit version with the ghosts and demons.
Ghost Whisperer - she talks to dead people and helps both the dead and living to have emotional closure and to move on. Can be very heart warming, "sob sob" kind at times...
Supernatural - ghosts, demons, vampires, urban legends and folk lore, ...

Crime/ drama:
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - love the forensic autopsies, the unravelling of the crimes.
CSI: Miami - same as above.
CSI: New York - same as above.
Numbers - never knew numbers can be so cool. Hahaha.

JAG - for the aircrafts, like F14 =) and the courtroom drama.
NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Services, a bit like CSI except they are with US Navy and Marine Corps. A spin-off of JAG.
House - love the Dr for his brand of humour and his unconventional thinking.
Lost - where the hell are they?! I know why my mother always said I watch far too much tv. But hey, if I still have time for books, it is not too much tv then. Hahaha.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Questions for SA

"Here's a challenge - if you can identify me, I will be your personal Sunny and lend (not GIVE) you the books for your distraction. If you can't, it's off to NLB for you!"

Hi SA,

I am going to take you up on your challenge.
But I will need more clues from you. Otherwise, it's kind of a lopsided challenge, leaning in your favour, don't you think?! So indulge me, ok?

Here are some questions for you:
Are you a guy or gal?
Are you someone I know personally?
If I do know you, from where, e.g. work, school - JC, uni?
If I don't know you, was it through my blog that you know me?
Do you go to Sunny?
Are you local?
(Cos I have got overseas friends too so trying to cover all areas)

These are the questions that I can think of for the moment. :) Now even if you tell me your responses, it is still a challenge trying to figure out who you are. So have pity on me. Thanks =)

And you know what? You have single-handedly caused a lot of talk and speculation among my friends. I haven't seen this much excitement, not even at General Election. Not bad. Hahaha.

Waiting patiently for answers,
Hwei Ming

Try this out

Tried out this new website. Pretty, pretty fun, pretty cool, and pretty accurate. Believe me.

So what do you think? Know me better now?! You better. Hahaha.

Leisurely breakfast

Last night, my husband asked if I wanted to go for Marriott Cafe's Breakfast Buffet. Thoughts went through my mind: Breakfast is always a hurried affair because of work or of the girls. He is on leave this week. The girls will be at school. I am working from home today. (Shh...don't tell anyone. Hahaha.) I seldom have a leisurely breakfast. So why not?! I took him up on his offer. Besides, I don't have to pay for it. Hahaha.

The breakfast buffet spread was good, it has both Western and Asian selection. I started with my favourite, Bircher Muesli and fruit salad and a glass of milk, and followed by Western: bacon, saugages (chicken and pork), baked beans, sauteed mushroom, hash brown, potato rosti, and mushroom, bacon omelette and a glass of grapefruit juice. I took all these over two trips and in small amount. No, I didn't gorge myself. Remember it is supposed to be a LEISURELY breakfast. Hahaha. Next, I had Asian: miso soup, char siew su, and prawn dumpling, and fruits. Lastly, I ended with a nice cup of tea. I really enjoyed today's breakfast, so leisurely and yummy. Hahaha.

Me after the yummy breakfast.

My friend said, "You win liao. Breakfast can go for buffet". Hahaha. Well, once in a while, it is not a bad idea to pamper yourself or better still, be pampered by others. Hahaha. But seriously, don't have to wait until overseas holiday to have breakfast buffet. You can have it here in Singapore. Treat it like having a break. =)

Oh yes, before we left Marriott Hotel, I saw the loveliest cup cake. I couldn't resist it and I bought two for the girls: Lemon Fairy Cup Cake.

PS. Although I didn't have lunch, I am NOT hungry at all. Hahaha.

Y = ...

My BROTHER! Serious, I am not joking. My brother was the other person who commented on my blog. Now YM, you are going to get it from me, your old sis. If you are in Singapore now, I would have whack you. WHY didn't you just say who you are?! Hey, I thought you said my blog is boring?!? Ok, DON'T answer that. Hahaha.

Thanks, Bro for the recommendations. Will definitely look them up. I really didn't expect you to be reading still, with your demanding job as studio director and spending time with my two adorable nephews and not forgetting your lovely wife, D on weekends. Where do you find the time to read?! Hats off to you.

My brother and I don't spend alot of time together. He went away to boarding school in UK, at the age of 13+. That meant we only spent our earlier 13 plus years together. He did come back for holidays but it was like once a year only, for two months. Anyway, when he came back for NS after his 'A', I went to Brisbane, Australia for uni. So we missed each other again. When I returned from my studies, off he went to UK (again) for his uni education. We were like playing 'Hide and Seek' perpetually. Hahaha. There in UK, my brother remained till today. He finished uni, found a lovely girl (who is now his wife), found a wonderful job, got married, now has two wonderful boys and recently purchased a townhouse!

I am very happy for you, YM that everything is going well for you. I know I have never said this to you but I am really proud of you and your achievements. Really. You never complained about going to boarding school at that young age. You took everything in your own stride. I really admired you for your courage then. You grew up to be an independent, open-minded, steadfast, determined and perceptive individual that you are now.

Even though I miss having my brother aound to talk to and do things with, and I lament about the children not being able to play together, I can understand why you are staying on in UK. Don't worry about our parents. I am here. Just remember to call Mama and Papa regularly, and send the cards for various occasions (Papa's birthday is 30 April and Mother's Day is 13 May, don't say I didn't tell you). As for us, we will try to visit you guys soon. I think it is time for the cousins to meet up! Please send my regards to the boys and to D. Take care now, all of you! Talk to you SOON!

PS. Didn't you know?! Our Papa threw out some of our books when we moved here. I didn't managed to save all the books but the comics are all intact, still in their plastic holders. I guarded them with my life. Hahaha.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Comics...

For a moment, I thought you have decided to reveal your identity as "Y", Secret Admirer. Sigh. Happy too soon. Hahaha. Ok, so there are 2 separate persons who commented on my post: "Books - Borrow or Rent?".

Thank you for your recommendations, Y. Haven't heard of Trudi Canavan (sorry :( ) but I did a quick search on the net and read a bit of the extracts of The Black Magician Trilogy. It is pretty interesting. As for David Gemmell, I thought he sounded very familiar. Went to dig into my bookshelf and I found Gemmell's graphic novel, Legend. Hmm..I guess I am reading alot more than I realised. Trojan War trilogy seems very captivating with my favourite combination of fantasy and ancient history. Will definitely keep these authors and titles in mind. Thanks again, Y.

As for you, my Bookworm, Horror too Secret Admirer (told you, it is getting to be too much of a mouthful! So why don't you just tell me who you are?! Hahaha.), why are you so keen for me to go to NLB? Are you sure you don't work for NLB?! An undercover NLB agent perhaps...Hahaha. Yes, I do have to pay some fees for renting the books but just treat it as having one less dessert. :) But I don't have to pay for car park fees cos I don't drive. Hahaha.
Ok, being into aircrafts too, I think Naomi Novik's Temeraire will, without doubt, be on my list of books to read. Oh my gosh, do you realise how long my book list has just gotten?! Hahaha.

I am a big Battlestar Galactica fan. I have read the BG classic books and I have the original BG series on DVD, a birthday present from my lovely brother who is currently residing in UK. Yup, I have also seen the new BG series. Took abit of getting used to the gender changes of Starbuck and Boomer. I like this new series, it is darker but more in-depth development to all characters. I think they will be producing Season 4 in 2008 and it may be the last season. (Needs to check up on this, it would be a shame though to end it so soon.)

I like Horror too but I haven't ventured very far with this genre. Only read Edgar Poe, Anne Rice (The Mayfair Witch series), and Stephen King (the odd book here and there). Dean Koontz and Laurell Hamilton, you say? My list has just ballooned again! Hahaha.

Comics. Yes, I like reading them. Why not? =) I have read graphic novels like Batman/Dracula series, Gemmell's Legend; comics like The X-files, X-Men, X-Generation; manga like Akira, Appleseed, Fist of North Star; and Chinese comics like Tian Xia. So what do you read?

Thanks for the recommendations! If I am behind in my writing, I know who to blame. Hahaha.

Emotions swirling, Thoughts swirling

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion. - Dale Carnegie

Emotions swirling round and round - jealousy, anger, sadness, fear, bitterness, remorse, loneliness, happiness, hope...

In one of my jobs, I have to deal with emotions. Early on in this career, I learnt to detach myself from my clients' emotional states/ situations. It does sound very cold but it is something I have to do in order to maintain the objectivity. I won't be of much help to my clients if I am overwhelmed by their emotions.

This dead of midnight is the noon of thought,
And Wisdom mounts her zenith with the stars.
- Anna Letitia Barbauld (Source: A Summer's Evening Meditation)

Thoughts swirling round and round. My mind is at its best in the dead of the night, resulting in me doing some of my best thinking and writing in the wee hours of the morning, as can be seen with my blog. Oh, of course with my Phd thesis too. Hahaha.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Books - Borrow or Rent?

Ok, still on books and reading. Sorry, it's my favourite pastime, besides eating. Hahaha. So just bear with me.

To my Bookworm Secret Admirer (Aiyo, really can't disclose who you are?! It's becoming a mouthful now to address you. Hahaha.):

"Now explain something to me, dear hweiming - why 'buy' from Sunny?" Yar, you are right, for almost the same price, I can buy the books new. Let's see: I borrow the books from the library and return them after reading. If I like the books, I wait for the 20-30% discount offers from Border/ Kinokuniya to get them. You see, I am a very lazy person. Hahaha. It will be far easier to just rent from Sunny (but I will often get the brand new ones and bonus, they are already wrapped) and if I like the book, I don't even have to return to the shop. So if I like the book, it is 3 trips with the library option versus 1 trip with Sunny option. Hahaha. Happy with my answer? =)

Hmm...George R R Martin's Fire and Ice series. How many books so far? I gave up reading Eddings' The Belgariad after the 4th book, lost patience. But I like Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series (actually I prefer the books to the movies) and the appendices were really interesting read by themselves. So if it is along Tolkien's line, can consider. Hahaha. Yup, I have heard of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders series but this series has got like what, 18/19 books and still counting! Remember, me no patience. Hahaha. Why not, you just give me a summary of each book? Hahaha. seems you are more into fantasy and thriller. What about Sci-Fi? Any interest there? I have only managed to read a few books here and there of the "Star Trek", "Star Wars" and "Dune" series. But for my first intro to Sci-Fi, it was the Battlestar Galactica series. I read all 14 books of the BG classic series. BG now has a new series of books, have yet to look at them.
What about comics? You read comics?

PS. I am down to a few names on my list, not many people read so extensively and on such genres. Hahaha.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

To My Secret Admirer (Still) ...

Anonymous said..
*blush* a post dedicated to me? I must say I am honored. Yet the fact that I must remain a secret to admire, must mean holding back my true identity.. for now! James Rollins' Black Order is available from the national library - you might want to borrow it rather than rent rent rent LOL :) I'd strongly recommend the Pendergast series.. It's like Sherlock Holmes on speed - exciting and one of those books you do NOT want to read before you go to sleep, or you'll NEVER sleep until you've finished it! In fact, most of the books are available from the national library too! (No, I do not work for them!) For a very VERY different take on Rollins, you have to try his fantasy series (W'itch series) or his latest (which has only one book) Shadow Fall. Beware though - the themes are very dark and can be horrific (the visual images are sometimes shocking)... they are very different from his thrillers although they're still page turners. He writes under a pen name "James Clemens" and yes, you can find the books in the NLB. Solo books by Preston and Child are hit and miss.. I would start with the Pendergast ones. The Relic movie should be burned to ashes for its very poor adaptation!
A Secret Admirer (still)
ps. Cautionary note - these books can severely distract you from your studies!LOL
22 April 2007 16:56

Woo hoo! That's a long comment from you, Secret Admirer. Hmm...another clue to who you might be. Someone very free. Hahaha. Only joking. I hope you don't mind that I am responding to you here. I am hoping I can get others interested in reading James Rollins and others. I think they are pretty awesome authors.

Ok, maybe I will go check out the Pendergast series. Not sure from the NLB though. It has been ages since I last stepped into NLB. I think it was about the same time I discovered Sunny that I stopped going to NLB. Hahaha. Reason being, I sometimes like to keep the book if it really grabs my attention. Well, I can't do that with books from NLB now, can I?! Hahaha. The Relic was really a bad adaptation?! No wonder, I felt things were missing after watching the movie. I can't wait to get my hands on The Relic book.

James Rollins writes fantasy too?! I didn't know! Thanks for letting me know. I will keep an eye out for his Wit'ch series. Don't worry about the dark and at times, horrific themes. I have a strong stomach so there will have no problem reading such themes. Hahaha. By the way, I am also a very visual person so all the more, I am going to enjoy the books. Hahaha.

Talk about fantasy, hmm...that didn't sound quite right, especially talking to my "secret admirer"?! HAHAHA. Sorry about my whacky sense of humour. I meant, talk about reading fantasy, have you read David Eddings before? He's not too bad. I enjoyed reading The Elenium series (3 books) and The Tamuli series (3 books). I gave up on The Belgariad series because there were too many books and I think I was preparing for one of the high-stakes exams then.

Sherlock Holmes is one of my all time favourites for mystery/ detective stories! If you enjoy reading Sir Arthur C. Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, try Laurie King. Her Mary Russell series is good, along the line of Sir Doyle. She, very cleverly, writes about Mary Russell as an equal to Sherlock Holmes in solving mysteries. Go read the series if you have the time.

Thanks for the cautionary note too. But a bit late cos my appetite for the books have been whetted! Hahaha. Don't worry, I will be writing doubly fast from now on. Hahaha.

PS. Since you mentioned NLB, you can't be one of my overseas friends. So you have just helped me to narrow the list down to friends in Singapore. HAHAHA.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

To My Secret Admirer...

I know this sounds totally scandalous. Hahaha. But I am responding to a comment to my post yesterday.

Anonymous said:

if you like such books i highly recommend james rollins or douglas preston & lincoln child (coauthors). and if u know who i am i might even lent them to u

a secret admirer
21 April 2007 16:16

Hahaha. It is going to be difficult knowing who you are because you aren't my only secret admirer. HAHAHA. Only joking. At least, I know you are someone with a great sense of humour.

It's nice to know that I have among my friends, someone who is reading thrillers and by James Rollins too. Yes, Secret Admirer (I guess I have to call you this until I discover your identity), I have read all of James Rollins books - Sandstorm, Map of Bones, Ice Hunt, Subterranean, Excavation, Amazonia and Deep Fathom. I am now waiting for Black Order and The Judas Strain (only out in July 2007), both featuring the return of the SIGMA Force and its commander, Gray Pierce.
I find it extremely difficult to choose my favourite Rollins book. I enjoyed reading all of them and I still enjoy them because I have this "bad" habit of re-reading books that I like. How about you, Secret Admirer? Do you have a favourite Rollins book?

By the way, James Rollins has a blog. You can read up on the latest happenings with his books and such. Go to this link:

As for coauthors, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, I have managed to read only 2 of their books - Riptide and Thunderhead. I have yet to touch their Pendergast series. The first of their Pendergast series was made into a motion picture, Relic, right? Have you read the series? I will probably read them sometime in the future. But it is difficult getting them in chronological order at Sunny and I do hate having to wait long for the next book. Thus, I have held back from reading this series. Unless, you are willing to disclose your identity and lend them to me?! =)
Have you also read solo books by Prseton and Child? If you have, could you recommend some titles since you know what I like?

Yes, I am reading books by the authors you have recommended. So I am not that bad, huh?

It's wonderful discussing about books with another person. Thanks for posting your comment. Looking forward to exchanging more book/ author information with you in the future.

Updated 22 April 2007, 12:37am
I still can't figure out who, among my friends, you might be. I possess a very strong curiosity. Looks like I am not going to be able to sleep tonight until I figure who you are. HAHAHA. So take pity on me and let me know who you are??!! Thanks, friend.

Day Out

I have heard about Central, the new mall at Clarke Quay but haven't had the chance to visit it. So today, I decided to bring the girls there. Hmm...not bad, quite a number of shops but what I was most interested in were the number of Japanese restaurants there. Yes, food again. Haha. I have always like Japanese food, except the raw stuff because I can't take wasabi, too "spicy" for me. We decided to try this authentic Japanese restaurant, Kyomomoyama 京桃山. When we sat down, we were immediately served with an appetiser. The girls enjoyed eating it. I ordered a Ten Ju (tempura set) while my husband ordered a Grilled Salmon set. My Ten Ju came with tempura (prawns, fish, and vegetables on top of rice), appetiser, pickles, chawanmushi (steamed egg), miso soup and dessert. My husband's Salmon set came with grilled salmon, steamed rice, side dish, appetiser, potato salad, miso soup and dessert. The food was GOOD! Definitely going back there again. :)

My Ten Ju set

My husband's Grilled Salmon set

After lunch, we went to grab ice-cream from Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice-cream. It is 100% natural, low fat, home made ice-cream. I had Milk Tea ice-cream, the girls shared a Strawberry and Blueberry ice-cream and hubby had Lychee ice-cream. After us, were a long line of Japanese ordering their ice-cream too. If native Japanese are going for it, it must be good. Indeed, the ice-cream were really nice, not too rich and creamy for the flavours we had. Really light. Hmm...should have bought a tub home. Hahaha.

The girls and their father making the ice-cream orders

The girls and their Strawberry & Blueberry ice-cream

I thought might as well bring the girls out for dessert again tonight after dinner so that tomorrow, I can stay home and concentrate on my writing. Actually, the dessert is more for me as I am the one with the sweet tooth in the family. Hahaha. We went to the Big O, Wheelock Place. We shared a Count Chocula, a heart-shaped chocolate truffle cake with a scoop of Rum n Raisin ice-cream, roasted chopped almond, raisins and M&Ms. Marieann liked the cake while Juliane enjoyed the ice-cream more. It is a good way to end the night on a sugar high. =)

Count Chocula

Updated 21 April 2007, 11:15pm

Ok, it is NOT a good idea for the girls to have a rich dessert at night! I am suffering now because Juliane is still awake!

Friday, 20 April 2007

Spider, lunch, reading

Spider. Saw a spider on the floor, on my way to lunch. At first, I thought it was a beetle and wanted to catch it. (Actually, to scare a friend with it.) Then to my horror of horrors, it was a SPIDER! I jumped across it and ran to the end of the corridor. A friend tried to get the spider to crawl onto his hand. Thank goodness, it refused to budge. If he had succeeded in coaxing the spider onto his hand, I think he would have tried to scare me with it. Thank my lucky stars. Hahaha.

Lunch. It is my favourite time of the day while at work. Hahaha. I love to eat. My friends and I have been eating at the different canteens around our work place - Canteens 14, 12, 5, 4, A, B, SBS. There are a few more canteens that I haven't been to. Should pester my friends who know how to get there, to bring me there. Maybe as incentive, treat them to lunch?! Hahaha. My plan is to at least try all the stalls in the canteens at least once. Hahaha. Let's see if it does pan out. So Friends from work, if you are reading this, you should know what to do. HAHAHA. And of course, besides enjoying the food, I ENJOY YOUR COMPANY too, FRIENDS!

Reading. I went to return a book this evening. I only intended to make a return and then run as I already have a book from Sunny Bookshop that I am currently reading. It is a thriller, "The Swarm" by Frank Schatzing. (Will let you know how it is after I have finished with it.) But I saw a book, "Ice Station" (also a thriller) by one of my favourite authors, Matt Reilly. This is the only book by him which I have not read. Aiyo. What am I to do?! Already have a book to read and I still have to do my writing. (Yes, don't worry, I am still writing.) Rent, don't rent, rent, don't rent, rent, don't rent, rent, don't ... Heck lah. I rented it!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Forbidden Fruit

Hmm... sounds scandalous, doesn't it?! Hahaha. Actually, I am referring to fast food.

When my brother and I were young, under my mother's rule, fast food is forbidden fruit! We weren't allowed have any fast food, e.g. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc, as our mother deemed them too unhealthy. I always remember telling myself that when I am older, I would eat as much as I want of ALL the fast food out there!

As time passed, I grew up but I never took action. I could count the number of times I had fast food with one hand in a year (with the exception of my pregnancies), usually from Maccas (Australian slang for McDonald's) and KFC. Guess my mother's rule is too deeply entrenched within me. I never ventured to keep my promise to try out all the fast food places. Until today.

Well, I didn't go of my own accord. My friends decided to bring me to MOS Burger. I think they felt I have been really deprived and they gave me a treat. Hahaha. I had the Chicken Teriyaki Burger meal, a clam chowder soup and shared half a Frozen Cheese Cake (original) with a friend. How did I find my meal?

Forbidden fruit (fast food) is sweet! =) Hahaha.

Updated 20 April 2007, 9:12 pm
Friend complained that I didn't sound excited enough about eating MOS Burger. What more you want. Already "forbidden fruit": "An indulgence or a pleasure that is illegal" for me leh, still not enough?!?!
Ok, here goes:


Sounds more excited now?! HAHAHAHA.

Switched on BUT Unplugged


Friend had meant that I am "switched on BUT unplugged". Hmm... is that good or bad??!!?? Hahaha.

Friend, care to explain?!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Switched on OR Unplugged

Switched on or unplugged? You must pondering what am I talking about? Electrical appliances? Network cable? Phone? ... None of the above. Actually, I am talking about me.

Huh? Pardon you? No need, you did hear right, or rather read it right. No, no, I am not a cyborg nor am I a Borg (Star Trek fans would know this. Hahaha.) Then where did "switched on" and "unplugged" come about??

It started when a manager came to speak with me in the morning. She told me that an academic would like me to work on his project. According to this academic, I am "switched on", Singlish meaning I'm on top of things or is very hardworking and detail oriented. I laughed, not in front of the manager of course but inwardly. This is the first anyone has described me as "switched on"! Let me indulge for a moment: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I later related this to my friends over lunch. My friends were pretty amused too. A good friend turned to the others and said, "She is not switched on. She is unplugged!". That really drew out the LAUGHTERS from everyone, including me!!! It was really funny. And this is also the first anyone has described me as "unplugged"! Hahaha.

So Friends, what do you think? Am I switched on or unplugged? Hahaha.

There's one more thing that made me laughed really hard today. The same good friend asked me to listen to this audio clip, Mr. Brown's Bak Chor Mee episode. I have never heard it before because I never bothered to find out about it when it was first in rage. I have never never LAUGHED so HARD in my life. I was at work so I tried my hardest to stifle my laughter but to no avail. Instead, I caused the others in the fishbowl (office) to laugh along with me (even though they had no idea what I was laughing my head off about). about bringing laughter to others. HAHAHA.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Today at work, I was really angry with an email. I won't go into the details of that email. I replied it. Thank goodness, I had the brief presence of sanity to hold back sending it on to the intended person and instead, I sent it to a friend. She read it and said I sounded really angry.

I later took a walk with another friend and complained about the email to him. He commented along the line of Thomas Fuller: "Two things a man should never be angry at: what he can help, and what he cannot help". If it is something that I cannot help, why be angry. As Alfred Montapert said, "Every time you get angry, you poison your own system". Very true. I only get myself all upset. As friend said, "So why bother, let it go". He's right, it's not worth it. After the walk, I calmed down relatively.

Yes, I can be quick to anger, in certain situations. I know it is not a good trait. I promise I will learn more self-control and learn to let go, as friend said.

Anger is momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you. [Lat., Ira furor brevis est: animum rege: qui nisi paret imperat.]
- Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) (Source: Epistles (I, 2, 62)).

A man makes inferiors his superiors by heat; self control is the rule. Anger is an uncontrollable feeling that betrays what you are when you are not yourself. Anger is that powerful internal force that blows out the light of reason. Know this to be the enemy: it is anger, born of desire.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Did I send the email? Yes, I did but with the help of my 1st friend, it was almost an entirely different email in tone as compared to my original email.


What do you do when you are bored?

If I were at home, I would sleep.

But as I am at work, I can't do that, right?! Not nice lah. Hehehehe. As I looked around, I realised that I am not the only one who is bored. Some are msn-ing, some are surfing the net, some are playing online games, and some are blogging. Ahem, yar, like what I am doing now. Hahaha. And before that, I was msn-ing, playing online game, reading others' blogs, commenting on blogs, ... Hahaha. But it is close to knock-off time. Yar, yar, trying to find excuses. Hahaha.

So what do you do when you are bored? Let me know so that I can fight my boredom next time. Hahaha.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Surprises from Friends

This morning, I had two surprises.

On my way to uni, I received a sms from a friend who is currently in Brisbane to handle some matters. It was a very pleasant surprise! I was kind of worried about her and had been wondering if things were going well for her. Her sms conveyed good news. Good onya, Hoon! (Hehehe, can still remember a few slangs from our Brisbane days. Ah, those were the days. Hahaha.) Now, Hoon, since you are more relaxed, I can ask for my prezzy from Brizzie. Hahaha. Thanks for getting my Dark Chocolate Peppermint from Darell Lee! We will meet up and yabber when you come back to Singapore.

I received another surprise when I arrived at uni and was checking my emails. I had an email from a dear friend as well as mentor who returned to Canada with his family in 2006. I worked together with Dr David Peat at MOE HQ and I also worked part-time for him after we both left MOE HQ. He has always selflessly shared with me, a junior psychologist (as compared to his vast experience), his knowledge and experience. I really learnt alot from him. Anyway, I was really happy to hear from him and about his wife, Robyn and his family. David and Robyn, you have always been in our thoughts and prayers. Really glad to know that things are going well! We couldn't be more happy for you all. Congrats too, that you are now proud grandparents of Sarah. Take care of yourselves. Keep in touch.

I had two wonderful surprises today. My friends, thank you for thinking of me and sharing with me your good news. I am thankful for having all of you as my friends. Take care! See you soon.

Green insect

While working on something during the wee hours of today (12 am+), I had a rude shock from a green insect. It was of emerald green colour. A really pretty colour actually. What happened was it suddenly flew out of nowhere (ok, it did come from somewhere, just that I didn't see it coming) and landed on my arm. It really gave me a shock because I didn't expect something to land on me in the middle of the night! Hahaha. At least, I didn't scream or shout, I only said "Aiya" and brushed it off. It flew off and landed on the bamboo blinds.

I am not a person who is sqeamish about insects. I am not afraid to touch them if necessary and I most enjoy killing cockroaches! Hahaha. I still remember catching cockroaches for my Biology class in Sec. 4 and also helping my classmates to catch them because most of them were scared of cockroaches. Hmm... come to think of it, I should have charge them for each cockroach I caught. Hahaha. I also remembered an incident when I was at ACJC (for the first 3 months). I came out of the Ladies and I saw this JC 2 guy trying to run away from a cockroach which seemed to be "chasing after" him and he was telling me to run. All I did was simply stepped. And Hey Presto! DEAD cockroach. He was dumb with astonishment! I think he later got teased by his friends that he needed a JC1 girl to come to his aid. Hahaha.

Ok, there is something that I am squeamish about: SPIDERS but they are not insects. They are arachnids. Just thinking about spiders give me the shivers. I only started getting scared of spiders when I went to Australia to study because of the poisonous species of spiders there, like Redback and Funnelweb. To think I used to catch spiders for fighting when I was young. Yuck! Never again.

So Friends, please be NICE. Don't ever try to scare me with spiders. =)

Updated 9:13pm
Even though I DON'T like spiders, I did enjoy the movie "Eight-legged Freaks" - about spiders that grew to enormous proportions and attacked people. It was a B-grade horror movie but quite hilarious too.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

"I see Kai Ye!"

That was what Juliane said to me today after she saw her Godfather and she added, "But where Kai Ma and Kor Kor?". Her Godfather, Anthony is only back in Singapore for a week (for work) while her Godmother, Ivy and Kor Kor, Malcolm remain in England.

Juliane and Kai Ye

We met up with Juliane's Godfather (Anthony), and friends: Kuan Ling, Elizabeth (who is back from Perth) and Kim. We had lunch at our favourite Dim Sum restaurant, East Ocean at Shaw Centre. This place is always crowded, especially during weekends, even with reservation, we had to wait between 15 to 30 minutes. But the dim sum here is really good, so it's well-worth the wait. So, as usual, lunch was yummy and good! =)

When are you coming back to Singapore next, Anothony, Ivy and Malcolm?! Hope it is soon! It has been kind of boring for us, without you guys, our usual dim sum kaki. I'm sure Kuan Ling would agree too. :) Let's meet up again soon.

PS. Anthony and Ivy: Thanks for the lovely presents for the girls. They can't wait to put on their new clothes. We'll send you their photos. They absolutely love the handbags! Great timing too, as we just told them yesterday we will get handbags for them. Thanks again. See you soon!

The girls while waiting for our table.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Ritz-Carlton Teddy Bear Tea

We had actually wanted to go try out a cafe called Astons Specialities because I have heard so much about it from a friend and my husband has also heard about it. My husband and I were kinda looking forward to eating at Astons but as the kids were still coughing (although they are slightly better as compared to Friday) and the long queue at Astons, we decided to go another place for lunch.

We went to Greenhouse at The Ritz-Carlton. We wanted to order a la carte so that it would be a chop-chop lunch. However, as I saw the buffet spread (and I haven't had buffet in ages), I couldn't resist and decided to have buffet instead. We discovered there is a Teddy Bear Tea every Saturday where there is a buffet selection of fingerfood for the little ones. We were given a table right next to the children's Teddy Bear Tea buffet and the playarea in the restaurant. When the girls saw the playarea, they were then more interested in playing than eating. Well, who can blame them, there were these big teddy bears, doodle boards, legos, etc. But they did managed to eat a little before they went off to play. While they were playing, it was the golden opportunity for us to eat as quickly as we could, without interruptions. Hahaha.

The girls with the Teddy Bears

A boy couldn't resist and joined in the photo-taking with the girls

I think we may come back here again since it is so child-friendly. If you know of any child-friendly restaurants, let me know. Thanks.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. It is considered the unluckiest of days in many superstitions. There are many origins of Friday the 13th superstitions. You can read more about Friday the 13th on Wikipedia. Click here.

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia, a specialized form of triskaidekaphobia, a phobia (fear) of the number thirteen. Yes, there is such a phobia and there are "cures" for it. The triskaidekaphobes need to learn to change their negative thoughts to positive ones, as well as to realise that they have the ability to create much of their own good and bad luck.

Today is just like any other ordinary day for us. Actually, no one noticed it was Friday the 13th until someone pointed it out. It is all in the mind. If you focus on the day and pay attention to the supersitition, Friday the 13th will become an unlucky day because you create your own bad luck. So how lucky or unlucky you want the day to be, depends on you, not just on Friday the 13th, the same goes for every other day.

I had a pretty good Friday the 13th. What about you?

Food craving

Today, over lunch, my friends and I started talking about food cravings. Imagine that, talking about food over food. Hahaha.

Anyway, we were talking about food cravings. A friend said that she doesn't have any food cravings but she has cravings for shoes, bags, and clothes. She sees, she must buy. Hahaha. Another friend said that once he starts thinking about certain food, he wants to have it. Although the craving might be different: for food or for shoes/ bags/ clothes, the feeling of great satisfaction after the craving is met is the same.

I sometimes have food cravings but I won't die if it is not satisfied. Except when I was pregnant. During my 1st pregnancy, I had craving for McDonald's Filet-O-Fish. Piece of cake, right? McDonald's is everywhere. But I only craved for the Fish from the McDonald's in Xiamen, China and only at a particular time, 11pm! Thank goodness, the craving only lasted 2 weeks while my husband and I were there on holiday and visiting my parents. Every night for that 2 weeks, he had to walk to the McDonald's about 10 minutes away from my parents' penthouse. He also had to get the timing right. Earlier or later than 11pm, I couldn't take the smell. Poor man, but it was good exercise for him. Hahaha. For the 2nd pregnancy, it was KFC, especially the crispy chicken skin! I think I had it almost every night for the last month. But I think I craved it then because I could get fat all I want and no one would know. Hahaha.

Talk about food craving, my husband had one this evening. He was supposed to wait for me in the car while I went to rent a book from Sunny Bookshop, Far East Plaza. However, in the last minute, he decided to park the car. "Why?" I asked him. He said, "I just need to have the Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua!". And enjoyed it he did, he finished the whole bowl of oyster mee sua under 10 minutes! Hahaha.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

"Lion Head"

"Lion Head" is what my girls call my work place. Today, I decided to bring them to see where and how I work. Today is my off-day and most of the colleagues in my fishbowl (we call the office fishbowl) are off at an international conference, so I would not be disturbing anyone if I brought them down.

They were really excited. They actually wanted to go to "Lion Head" the way I would normally travel to - bus, MRT, bus. But we were running short of time (and I was also lazy) so we took a taxi there. At "Lion Head", I brought them to meet a former professor who taught me and several of my colleague friends. Along the way, while walking along the corridor to my fishbowl, the girls received compliments of "Wah, so adorable" as well as gifts of chocolates from professors who saw them, including a former director. Not bad hor, can 骗吃. Hahaha. Some of my colleague friends came over to my fishbowl to play with them. Hmm... some of them will make very good parents in the future.

The girls at my workstation

Can't you tell we are sisters?! We have the same look!

Where is the rain?!

Photo with Uncle in the "white dress" (as said by Juliane)

My girls and I took a taxi down to Raffles City to have dinner so that we could take a lift from my husband after his dinner with colleagues in the same area. We also gave two friends a lift down to Raffles City, thinking it would be faster than taking the train for them. Alas, we miscalculated. There was a bad jam at AYE due to a traffic accident. We only managed to get to Raffles City close to 7pm. My girls were famished. We had wanted to eat at Soup Spoon but it was CROWDED. So the next option was Din Tai Fung and we had the last free table. Lucky or what?! Since the girls were really well-behaved, I treated them to Ah Kun ice-cream toast and I had a cup of teh-ci.

We walked around at Raffles City while waiting for my husband to pick us up at 9:30pm. It is not a good idea to go shopping with kids. I had only intended to do window shopping but ended up buying bracelets for them and a pair of turquoise earrings for myself. What happened? Cos the salespersons thought the girls were cute and gave them sweets and such, and that made me feel obliged to buy something from their shops. I know I am such a sucker. Hahaha. But then again, maybe it's just an excuse that I needed to buy things. Hahaha.

Mama flew away again

My mother has left Singapore again (this morning). She arrived safely in Xiamen, China in the afternoon. She will be away for a month. Relatively short this time round, compared to her other trips.

As usual, before she left, she would stock up the freezer with food - chicken, fish, prawns, pork as well as some of her cooked dishes, such as her Taiwanese Lor Bak Chor. The only things we need to replenish weekly would be the vegetables. She is always concerned that we would have to spend money and time so she would do as much of the marketing as possible before she leaves. Mama, don't worry, we are old enough. We know what to do. But nonetheless, a big thank you to you.

Take care of yourselves, both you and Papa. Have fun and a good rest.

PS. I am actually missing my mother's nagging! Hahaha. I will DENY, of course, if any one of you tells her this. =P

Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Before you all start jumping to conclusions, sorry, NO, I am NOT expecting again. I have already done my national service TWICE. Thank goodness, this "national service" doesn't need to go for reservist. Hmm... is that even possible? Hahaha.

This morning, I went to visit my cousin, Flora at Gleneagles because she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Johanna on Monday evening. Johanna is so cute and small! Little feet and hands, little nose, little mouth, little ears, little everything! Really CUTE!! Congrats, Flora.

Oh no, don't get me wrong. Yes, little babies are so cute but note the key word here is I THINK. I am not like dying to have another baby. I have enough, I have two. Hahaha. My goodness, I can't believe that my girls were once that small too! Time really flies.

22 pages

That is how much I have written over 2 days. It seemed a lot but it is actually not. I am just writing down my thoughts, be it words, phrases and/ or sentences, as they come to me. It is still in its rawest of raw form. I will need to refine them later. I will also need to sort them out later in sequence/ order. I am afraid if I stop now to arrange them, I will lose my train of thought (not that it is really any train, just lots of random thoughts here and there). And that is something I do not want happening, especially now that it seemed my writer's block is slowly becoming unblocked!

A good friend and fellow PhD student has today very aptly wished me, "May your writer's block get verbal diarrhoea!". Hahaha. That's a good one! Thanks, Dennis. I really do need it. =)

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


To friends who have been concerned about me and my writing, THANKS! I really appreciated all your concerns.

Good news! I have managed to write a little. Not much but it is better than nothing. The volume of writing should increase with time. I will definitely try my best to keep the flow going. Meanwhile, as I took a break from writing, I tried out this Blogthing.

You Should Be a Joke Writer
You're totally hilarious, and you can find the humor in any situation. Whether you're spouting off zingers, comebacks, or jokes about life... You usually can keep a crowd laughing, and you have plenty of material. You have the makings of a great comedian - or comedic writer.
What Type of Writer Should You Be?

Well, this is okay as long as I don't turn my Phd thesis into a piece of comedic writing. Hahaha.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Chilli attack

In the late afternoon, I was hungry so I looked for something to eat. I saw a bowl of Sweet Potato Fa Kueh, left over from the morning, in the mircowave. Before I could bite into my fa kueh, my two girls saw me and asked to have a bite too. So I had to share the "already not a lot left" fa kueh with them. Marieann had a bite first, followed by Juliane and I took the last bite of the fa kueh. Before I could even start to chew, Juliane started crying out in tears, "Pain, pain". Marieann also started crying and whining about something and running straight for the kitchen dustbin. I was like "HUH?!? What's going on??". I thought my girls have gone nuts or something. Then it HIT me too, MAJOR TIME. I joined my girls in tearing.

Friends, don't worry, there is a very simple and logical explanation for our seemingly strange outburst. The "pain, pain" that Juliane had cried out, was actually meant to be "SPICY! SPICY!" or colloquially, "HOT! HOT!". The bowl that contained the fa kueh was the same bowl that had earlier contained chopped chilli padi!!! (The chilli padi was for a family friend who came over for our Red wine chicken mee sua.) I think the maid might have forgotten to wash the bowl. For those of you who can take spicy food, you can imagine how SPICY it was for a 3-year-old, a 5-year-old and for me who haven't taken any chilli in my life!

We must have been a comical sight as the three of us were trying to squeeze in front of the tap and trying to cool our mouths and lips down with water. For a good half an hour after, our lips and mouths were still tingling away. Hahaha.

I realised that I actually lose out alot because I don't take chilli. There is this whole spread of delicious spicy food (smells good so must taste good) that I can't take, in all the different cuisine! I would like for my girls to learn how to take chilli so that they will not lose out like me, but not in this way. I really hope they have not been traumatised by this accident. We can find out - by giving them another piece of fa kueh. Hahaha.

Updated 10 April 07, 11:45am
PS. Some of you sharp-eyed friends noticed the inconsistency. If I don't take spicy food, how did I manage to eat the vegetarian laksa served at my temple? Well, simple, I washed it with water first before eating it. Yes, yes, I know that really just destroyed the taste of the dish. But it is the ONLY way I could eat "spicy" food. :P Okay lah, I will try to learn to take spicy food.