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Friday, 31 August 2007

Busted Knee

This morning, I was dashing around trying to get the older girl ready for kindergarten because the school bus was already waiting at the lobby for her. But in her communication book, it said "Centre closed for half day (7am - 2pm)". Naturally, I understood it as the kindergarten was closed for half a day, the morning half. They need to communicate better. Anyway, while dashing around, I must have turned my right knee in an awkward way. The next moment I know was my right knee hurts when I walked. Every step on my right leg was "Ouch, ouch, ouch".

Darn. I have busted my right knee and it is my good knee too. I had busted my left knee years ago in Secondary 4. I had injured it while taking part in my school's sports day - high jump competition. I must had been practised too hard days before and then twisted my knee at the competition itself. My left knee was swollen for days. That was the end of my high jump "career", lol. My best jump was 150cm and I am only 156cm. :) Oh dear, I have digressed. :P

Anyway, I knew I had busted my right knee because the pain was just too similar and painful! Sigh. However, there was no time to see a doctor as I had to go to work. Visit to a doctor would have to be later. Or maybe I was also secretly wishing that my knee would get better as the day proceeded. I had to walk really, really slowly and I am NOT used to it. By afternoon, it had simply become very painful for me to walk. There were (still are) sometimes sharp pains which would just stopped me in my tracks completely. Sometimes, getting off a chair and sitting down would also result in me drawing in sharp intakes of breath.

A kind-hearted good friend could no longer watch me in agony and drove me to a pharmacy to get a knee guard. At least, it would help to some extent. And it did! The pain was not as bad as the knee guard helped to support my knee. Thank you, Good Friend. And also to my other good friends at work for their care and concerns, and some, I believed, were also grimacing along with me, whenever I felt pain in my knee. Lol. :P

I will go see a doctor first thing tomorrow morning.

PS. Not sure if it has any bearing on my knee injury. Until two days ago, my right knee was making this "click" noise whenever I walked (for at least two days). Hmm, maybe my right knee was already giving way then.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Teachers' Day Celebration

The school I am counselling at celebrated Teachers' Day today instead of tomorrow. The girls were dismissed earlier today at 11 am so as to give the teachers an earlier break too to enjoy a Teachers' Day buffet lunch at Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel. Because of the earlier dismissal time, I also benefitted, can take a break as there are less girls to counsel for today. :)

There was the teachers' day celebration programme in the morning, 8-9am, followed by lessons until 11am. Of course, it was hard to have lessons as the girls were all over the place giving cards, flowers, presents to their teachers to show their appreciation of their teachers. I think the teachers pretty much gave up trying to conduct lessons. Hahaha. When I was walking around trying to get my counsellees, the school girls (not my counsellees) greeted me with "Happy Teachers' Day". It was really nice of them.

One of my counsellees made me a balloon doggy. Unfortunately, the "doggy" didn't survive longer than an hour once I brought it home. It has already been dismantled by Juliane, lol. :P Another counsellee gave me a red embroidered cushion. Some of the counsellees also came to look for me to wish me "Happy Teachers' Day" even though I am not counselling them today. I was really touched by their gestures. It meant that they are appreciative of my help and that they know I am there for them. A card from one of the counsellees said it all and really made my day:

"Thank you for giving me bags of advice on different problems I've had! They always work! Thanks for being a great listening ear! Thanks for being there for me."

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

3, 2, 1, ...

And we have LIFT OFF! Yes, we finally went up on the DHL Balloon. =)

Finally, the weather let up this afternoon. The sun decided to come out to play after having rained for the past few days, including this morning. Was getting worried as the vouchers for the DHL Balloon would expire this Friday 31 August. :P Called them up to enquire about the weather condition at 3:30pm. When they gave the green light for the balloon flight, I rushed down in a taxi with my girls within 30 minutes of calling them. Lol.

Our tickets resembled flight boarding passes. A cute idea. That should take care of my craving to go overseas for a while, a SHORT while. Hahaha. We boarded Flight SB 207, departing at 1620hrs. There were only 5 families: 17 people in all on our flight. It was really exciting to step onto the balcony platform and waiting for the lift off. We held on tight to the railing during the lift off as it was really jerky. Then it became a smooth journey ascending up to the maximum height of 150 metres (or 40 storeys thereabout).

When I walked round the platform to take my photos, it was a bit like being on a ship swaying with the tides, except that the balloon was swaying with the breeze in the sky. The girls were all smiles and really enjoyed the ride and the walk in the sky round the platform. The girls were also not bothered by the height at all. I am really impressed by them. Truth be told, I am terrified of heights :( But as their mother, I couldn't show fear, right?! I had to keep my eyes from looking down. It was a very conscious effort!! Once I did look down by accident, and I immediately started having vertigo. :s It took me so much energy and effort to snap out of the vertigo and to re-focus my attention to taking the photos. The touch down was also jerky and we all had to hold on tight to the railing again. Overall, the balloon ride was fun and the panoramic view of the cityscape was nice. Well, it is an experience. :)

I managed to take some photos of the cityscape. Unfortunately, the sky was a bit hazy in the distance. Otherwise, it would have been perfect. :P See if you can recognise the various buildings?

There are photos of Bugis Junction, the NLB, the CBD area buildings, Benjamin Sheares Bridge and our own Gotham City: Parkview Building. And Of course, photos of us! :)

PS. Experiencing some problems with uploading of the photos. Will try again later. So do check back in later. Thanks. :)

Updated 30 August 2007, 2:30am
Finally, managed to upload the photos. Thanks for your patience, friends. =)

Graphic novels

Civil War series

Good friend passed me the Civil War series graphic novels to read, The Road to Civil War, Civil War and New Avengers 5: Civil War.

This series make very interesting reading! It is about superheroes being involved in a civil war against other superheroes. It is basically an idea taken from that of the American Civil War. The superheroes led by Captain America opposed the Super Human Registration Act which was supported by Iron Man and his band of superheroes. The series tackled many issues such as "slavery" (in a way), human rights (in this sense, super human rights), friendship, family, government. There is more to this Civil War series than just very nice graphics. The story is very compelling with the real-life issues that it tackles.

There are several graphic novels in this series. Check it out at The Trade Paperback List for the synopsis of the various Civil War series graphic novels. You can borrow from the library too if you don't fancy buying them. But one downside, the library doesn't have all the series on hand. May need to wait. Lol.

Wolverine: Origin

This graphic novel talked about (as the title already suggested) the beginnings of Wolverine's earliest struggle against his enemies and the beast within himself. The story is really interesting and unexpected. It helps to explain some things about Wolverine. The graphics is, of course, very nice. I really like this style of drawing. Lol.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Rain Rain go Away

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little children want to play;
Rain, rain go away,
Come again another day.

This is a popular children's nursery rhyme. You can always hear little children reciting it on rainy days. As did Juliane on Sunday when I had hoped to bring them to ride the DHL Balloon but it was drizzling. It was kind of funny to hear her chanting away in the car.

Now I bet you didn't know that while most nursery rhymes might sound and look completely innocent but there are often dark messages and meanings hidden in the texts. Some have very unpleasant origin and history behind them! Below is the original verse of Rain rain go away.

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Johnny wants to play;
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Never show your face again!

The history and origin of Rain rain go away is said to date back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603). During that period of English history, there were constant rivalry with Spain resulting in the Spanish Armada comprising of many Spanish galleons being sent to attack England. But this attack failed, not only because of the swift nature of the smaller English ships but also by the stormy weather which dispersed the Armada fleet.

If you are interested to know which other nursery rhymes have dark messages and meanings, which ones have unpleasant, mysterious and blood thirsty origins and histories, feel free to go
here. Enjoy (being shocked, lol :P).

Oh, this post came about because it has been rainy this few days.

Monday, 27 August 2007

All Things Sweet and ME?

Still on a sugar rush from last night's apple strudel, here's what I found...

You Are A Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Girl
Creative. Expressive. Unique.
What Flavor Ice Cream Girl Are You?

You Are Smores

Unusual and unconventional, you make your strange ways work for you.
You've got personality - no one's denying that!

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

You Are a Hot Fudge Sundae

Classic, simple, and divine.
Why mess with perfection?

You Are a Brownie Cheesecake

A little chunky and a little gooey, you pretty much run on sugar!
You take hedonism to the extreme.. And people love you for it.

You Are Chocolat Orange Pocky

Your attitude: funky and flavorful
Rich and deep - yet zingy and zesty
You are the perfect partner in crime

You Are a Caramel Apple Jelly Bean

You have a gentle sophistication. An appreciation of fine things, without being snobby about it. You enjoy sweet tastes and silky textures.

You Are Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional
Those who like you crave security

I am a mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favourite), a Smores, milk chocolate, hot fudge sundae (another favourite), a brownie cheesecake (yummy), chocolat orange pocky, caramel apple jelly bean, apple pie (delicious with ice cream)!

I am what I eat! Hmm, quite true for some parts. LOL. What do you think? :P

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Busy Weekend: Sunday

In the morning, after I finished supervising Marieann with her homework, we went out. We went back to Isetan Scotts because of my Kipling laptop bag which I had on hold for me. I have decided to get it. =) Another Kipling bag to add to my Kipling collection (I have 8 Kiplings already). Lol. Yes, I am a Kipling FAN. =)

Had wanted to bring the girls to the DHL Balloon but it was drizzling so decided to have an early lunch first while waiting for the drizzle to let up. We went to Cedele, Wheelock Place. Yes, finally got to try out Cedele. Hahaha. I ordered a Rosemary Lemon Chicken ($18.90++): a rosemary scented chicken with homemade fresh herb sauce, warm Puay Lentil salad, mashed potato and garden greens. Hubby ordered a Wild Blueberry Pancake ($12.90) with vanilla butter and maple syrup with sausages. I also ordered a Boston Clam Chowder ($8.50++) for the girls to share. I liked my chicken with its lemon herb sauce, very refreshing. The Puay Lentil salad took a bit of getting used to but ok, not too bad. The girls enjoyed the clam chowder which is very nice, and Juliane especially enjoyed the rustic bread that came with the soup.

After lunch, we decided to try our luck with the DHL Balloon. Unfortunately, the balloon flight was still suspended due to the weather condition which was cloudy and drizzling very slightly. Oh well, I guess I would have to bring them during one of the weekdays now before the tickets expire on 31 August.

In the late afternoon, I attended a gathering to discuss about the current situation at my estate with a few other residents. The gathering lasted almost 2 hours. It was a fruitful discussion. Have quite a few things to do.

After my gathering, I rushed home for a dinner party at my place. My mother had invited my dentist friend, Hoon and her dentist friends, a dentist couple, Fuen Fuen and Min Seet with their children, Lynn and Shawn. My mother cooked her Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua and Braised Pork Pau. A simple meal but everyone enjoyed it. For dessert, we had Apple Strudel and Mango Strudel from The Strudel House with Chinese tea. Yum yum. It was calling out to me and it is rude to ignore, right? Lol. Ok lah, I only took half a piece of the apple strudel which I washed down with lots of Chinese tea. :)

The girls made friends with Lynn and Shawn. They were initially shy but once they warmed up, oh my, there was no stopping the children. They were playing and talking like they have known each other for a long time! That's kids for you. Lol.

It has been a very busy weekend for me. =)

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Busy Weekend: Saturday - SCGS Reunion

Tonight was my SCGS reunion. It was held at SCGS. I did not take part in the last one as I was then flying off to Melbourne for a holiday. So for this reunion, I thought I should attend it and besides it would be interesting to see my classmates and schoolmates, and most importantly, to see my friends (some of whom I have known since primary school) after so long.

The reunion started at 6-ish pm. Some girls took up the challenge of going in our school uniform. Lol. I would have but I couldn't find my uniform. Hahaha. We, first had a little mini lesson in the history of SCGS in our Heritage Room which was made to look like a classroom of old. As SCGS girls, we do know the history but it just became a little more awe-inspiring when the history of SCGS and its unique place in Singapore's history is told to us again. I think we are all proud to be SCGS girls and to be part of such a unique school. Speeches were given by our former principal, Miss Heng and the new principal, Mrs Low, followed by dinner. During dinner, a lot of us were catching up with each other as well as with our former teachers. Every now and then, there was a scream and a shout, well mostly screams, here and there as old classmates and schoolmates recognised each other. LOL.

Some games were played such as one where two teams of girls (comprised of a representative from each of the 5 Sec 4 classes) had to answer a series of questions of events happening in our cohort. Another one was playing the zero-point. There was also a slide show comprising of our old photos, telling of our friendship, our camaraderie. The games and the slide show sure brought back LOTS of FOND memories for all of us. There were loads of cheering and laughing and chatting away the whole night.

The night finally came to an end at 9:30pm but not before we sang our school song with pride and the reunion photos of the whole group of us with our former principal and teachers were taken. Of course, there were also a lot of smaller group photos taken with different group of friends. So every now and then a flash would go off here and there. Lol. A number of us still lingered around, still trying to catch up with one another, still trying to exchange phone numbers and email addresses, still trying to hold on to this wonderful night. I finally left at 10:20pm.

I am really glad that I went to this SCGS reunion. I was reminded of the wonderful friendships and the wonderful memories I have made in SCGS. SCGS has made me the person I am today. I am proud to be a true blue SCGS girl - a Kim Gek. Most of my friends said I have not changed at all, still look the same as in secondary school. Hmm, that means I still look very young lah. Hahaha. I will take it as a compliment. Lol. It has been a truly wonderful night: meeting of former classmates, schoolmates and friends, catching up with them, talking about shared memories in SCGS, the laughing and the chatting. It has been really fun and memorable. I really enjoyed myself very much. Thank you.

Here are some photos of me taken with my Sec 2 form teacher and with my classmates. =)

Busy Weekend: Saturday

Was woken up most rudely by the most terrible cramp in my right leg at day break :( I seemed to be getting quite a few cramps like that lately. Never used to have them, not even when I was expecting as they said expecting mothers tended to have leg cramps more often than normal people. Good friend did warn me about it, that the change in diet might result in things like that. Better take more vitamins such Vitamin B. Lol.

Despite still feeling pain in my right calf, I decided to take Juliane out. First, we stopped by the library to return my graphic novels - the Civil War series. (I will talk about them in another post, really interesting read!) After a long hiatus, we went back to Isetan Scotts again. Got some clothing for the girls and I saw a Kipling laptop cum document bag which I like. I can't decide if I should get it so the salesperson has it on hold for me until tomorrow. Lol. I will sleep on it tonight. Just can't resist Kipling lah. Hahaha.

We wanted to go to Cedele at Wheelock Place for lunch. Thought we should have a change of food/ cuisine. Alas, luck is not with us, it was a full house at 12 noon. Oh well, it is back to, that's right, Sakae for us! LOL. Juliane definitely did enjoy her Japanese food - chawanmushi, tamago nigiri, and california maki while I had a tori chawanmushi, a unagi temaki, and a chicken mayo salad.

After lunch, we walked back to Isetan Scotts via the underpass, and took another look around, just window shopping, you know. Lol. Around 1:30pm, Juliane said she was tired and she wanted to go home by bus. So we did.

She is fast asleep now. Hmm, maybe I should have a little lie-down too since I need to go out again in the late afternoon for my SCGS reunion this evening.

Will update again later.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Busy Weekend

This is going to be a busy weekend for my family and I.

On Saturday evening, my mother has organised a dinner party for my aunt and uncle and cousins from Kuching. She would be cooking her Chicken Rice and her Taiwanese 扣肉包 (Braised Pork Pau) for them. I will take some photos of her braised pork pau and upload the photos onto my next post.

As for me, I will be attending my SCGS school reunion, 6 - 9:30pm. Haven't seen some of my classmates for years since we graduated from SCGS. Wonder how they look now. :P

On Sunday, I might bring the girls for their Hot Air Balloon ride which we missed out the other time (which was together with the DUCK tour) because of bad weather. Must remember to charge my camera battery so that I can take loads of aerial view photos of Singapore. Lol.
In the afternoon, I have a gathering to attend. After which, I will have to rush back for another dinner party that my mother has organised. She has invited my dentist friend, Hoon and her dentist friends to dinner. Not sure what she is going to prepare for that dinner. But will take the photos. :)

It is going to be a busy weekend. :)

What City Do I Belong In?

Was kinda bored and looking through Blogthings. Tried out this one.

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Hahaha. No wonder, I like to visit my brother and his family so much in England. Sigh, things would have been very different now if my parents had allowed me to go to England to study. Always wondered why they didn't allow me to go since my brother was already in England then. Lol.

Updated 24 August 2007, 9:43pm
One reason could be they worry that I would shop too much if they send me to England for my studies. Lol. I just love visiting the markets in UK, such as Camden Lock, Covent Garden, Portobello Road, Greenwich Market.
This is a useful link about the different markets in London. So if you are heading to London, you might want to check out the markets there.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Triggered Memory

It is strange how sometimes a comment, a word, a matter, a situation, an item, an object can trigger memories long locked up in the hidden depth of your mind.

On my way back to work from lunch with a good friend, one such memory of mine was triggered by the metal grating over the drain. I started laughing. Good friend gave me a strange look. Lol.

The incident happened when I was 5 years old. I was then staying at a private flat in the Orchard area. After kindergarten, I would walk up this steep slope, which was a one-lane vehicle exit, to reach my block of flat which was on a little hill top, accompanied by my old servant. There was this big metal drain grating right in the middle of the road, half-way up the slope. Everyday, I would walk on it.

Then one fateful day, I stepped on it and my right leg went through the grating and was stuck fast, up to my knee! My old servant tried pulling my leg out but to no avail. It was stuck fast and she was causing me more pain than anything. She called for help from the neighbours. While she was doing that, a car starting coming down the slope towards me. The day was just getting from bad to worse - my leg stuck in the middle of the road and now a car was coming. I was freaking out major time! Thank goodness, the car saw me and reversed back. Phew. Soon, I had a small crowd of people around me and I felt like the Sword in the Stone in King Arthur! They were taking turns at trying to pull my leg out. Oi, OI, Pain, PAIN, that's my leg you are pulling!!

Someone had called the fire brigade. I thought finally, I am going to be rescued. And then as if the day couldn't get any worse, it DID. I saw a fireman walking towards me with an axe in his hand. "AAHHHHH!!!! He is going to chop off my leg,", that thought went through my mind. Actually, I verbalised that thought at the top of my voice. I was screaming and crying and just refused to let the fireman near me with that axe! I was fighting my hardest despite one leg being stuck in the grating. Lol. (That's why The Shining gave me the shivers when I watched it - Jack Nicholson and his axe!) I really can't remember what happened after that, but they managed to get my leg out again, in ONE PIECE. LOL.

That day was just pure DRAMA for me. Hahaha. Well, it is pretty funny and hilarious when I think back on it now. But it certainly wasn't so on that day when I was 5. But how did I fall through if I had been walking on it everyday? You see, that day, I was walking and at the same time, reading a book! Hahaha. So morale of the story as my good friend concluded is, "Never read and walk, especially over a grating". Lol.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I and SAM

Machines and I don't mix very well. We are definitely not the best of bedfellows. Lol.

Today, I tried to use SAM to buy postage stamp for a letter to Australia. My friends were with me. They were giving me moral support, knowing of my fear with machines. Hahaha. First time, I was too nervous and ended up keying too many numbers for my PIN. So transaction unsuccessful. Tried a second time, everything done correctly BUT transaction unsuccessful again! I give up! But good friend was very kind. On his own accord, he got me the postage label and with just one try! Lol. He shook his head as he passed me the label, "It is confirmed, you are the one with the problem, not the machines". Just the other day, I also had to use SAM to pay my bills and encountered a problem too, the machine refused to read my card. Thank goodness, I had a good friend with me then, who helped me out as well.

Yes, I have an innate fear of machines but only of a particular type - any machine that deals with money. I hardly use SAM on my own unless I am with someone who knows how to use it. I would rather line up at the MRT control station to top up my EZ-link card then to use the top-up machine. Even for ATM, I have never used it other than to draw cash. Yes, I know. I am strange. But I can't help it. Hahaha.

Actually, there is another kind of machine that I sometimes have problems with - computers. Yes, I mean it. NO, I am not joking! I have crashed no less than 4 computers. You can ask my friends from MOE HQ and from current workplace. There is a standing joke that if anyone wants to take a break, they only need to ask me to go near their computers. I am more effective than a virus. Hahaha.

Need a break from work?? Lol.

Public Transport II

Received 2 comments on my previous Public Transport post. Thanks. =)

Hmm, take a photo of the nail clipping culprit and send to STOMP? Not a bad idea. But I will need to get over my repulsion first before I can do that. At the moment, I am just trying to put as much space as possible in between the nail clipping culprit and I before he/ she uses the clipped nail bits as missles to flick at me. Eewwww! And not to mention the irritating "click, click, click". Talk about noise pollution. Argh.

So right! Yes, observing other commuters' behaviours is another commuter's behaviour. LOL. I find that I can observe more behaviours on the MRT than on the bus because of the layout. It is really interesting. Take a look around next time and you will see a lot of things you never noticed before.

Another thing that I observed is the personal space between commuters. Often, from the amount of personal space in between the commuters, you can tell what is the relationship between them, how close they are, how well they know each other. Here I am talking about commuters who know each other. Commuters who are couples, commuters who are colleagues, commuters who are friends. I can normally gauge quite accurately, of course the way they talk to each other helps as well. The only time I can't tell is during peak hour because everyone is very close to everyone, no personal space at all! Hahaha. Lol.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Public Transport

I usually take the public transport to work and back home unless I am lucky and manage to get a lift from good friend. (Hint, hint, good friend. Lol. =)) I have to take a bus first, followed by the MRT and finally the bus again (same thing for the return trip). The whole journey, including waiting time, will take about 60 - 75 minutes.

Whenever I am on the public transport, I love to observe my fellow commuters' behaviours. It is really interesting to see what they do. Hmm, maybe it is an occupational hazard of being a psychologist, hahaha. The usual behaviours are people reading the newspapers, books or comics; people listening to their ipods; people sms-ing; people talking on their mobile; and of course, people sleeping.

I am always amazed by how people can sleep on the public transport. I can't. I am too afraid to sleep in case I miss my stop and besides, I think it is unlady-like to sleep in public. I have seen too many ladies who slept on the bus and MRT in really unbecoming postures. I won't elaborate here what kind of postures. If you have a chance to take the public transport during morning or evening peak hour, take a close look around. Not a pretty sight, I assure you. LOL.

Oh, there is one more behaviour of some commuters which I find absolutely disgusting - people clipping their nails while on the bus/ MRT! Eewwww! Personal grooming such as nail clipping should be taken care of in private, at HOME! Not on a bus/ MRT. The bus/ MRT is, after all, a PUBLIC PLACE! It belongs to all commuters. Tsk, tsk. Shame on those commuters!

The public transport is indeed an interesting place to observe human behaviours.

PS. I have also observed relationships between commuters. Maybe I will talk about it in another post.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Who Is Reading My Blog?

Who is reading my blog? That is a question often on my mind, now after almost 6 months of blogging.

When I first started my blog, it was more "Who will read my blog?". I remember my dear brother who is in UK, suan-ing (Hokkien for ridiculing or insulting) me about it, "who will read your blog??", he asked. Well, I think he is now one of those who reads my blog regularly. So much for his suan-ing. Lol. But as I became more confident in blogging (overcoming the various IT demands, remember me IT savvy not, lol), the question became "Who is reading my blog?".

The purpose of my blog is to make it easier for my friends and family to keep in touch with me. Hopefully, my blog will allow my friends and family (both local and overseas) a glimpse into what is happening in my life, without them having to reach for a phone (call), for a computer (email), for a pen and paper (letter) to find out how I am. Of course, I welcome them to leave comments on my blog. Well, there are friends and family who are too shy to leave their comments on my blog and have chosen to email me instead. That is fine by me too. :)

Besides my own friends and family who are reading my blog, I realised that there are other people out there who are reading my blog as well. They are not just from Singapore alone, but from other countries too such as UK, USA, Canada and Australia and they are returning visitors! =)

Thank you for reading my blog. I guess there must be something in my blog that is interesting enough for all of you to return to read it. Thank you! I know my food posts have been popular, LOL. (A close second are my book reviews.) Not to worry, despite my prediabetic condition, I will continue to have my food posts as I do enjoy my food, of course it will have to be in moderation now. Hahaha.

Once again, THANK YOU to all of you who are reading my blog. It really means a lot to me. =)

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Decided to stay home today. Afraid I won't be able to resist the plenty of temptations out there! Maybe at least, until I get through another week of cold turkey. Lol. What about work place, you ask? Well, I am very lucky that I have a group of good friends who are constantly reminding me and nagging at me not to touch sweet stuff. They have been watching over me. Thank you. :)

Decided to stay home also partly because I didn't feel very good after my few stolen bites of sweet sugary dessert at yesterday's Afternoon Tea. Well, served me right! My fault, I couldn't control myself. :P I felt really lethargic today. I was drifting in and out of sleep the whole afternoon. Hmmm, maybe it could be the rain too, lulling me to sleep, lol.

Maybe tomorrow, I will start getting my energy back. Maybe tomorrow, I will feel better. Maybe tomorrow...

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Farewell III: Afternoon Tea

Yes, it looks like it is a whole series of farewells for this week. LOL. This afternoon, we had a bigger group of friends for Clara's farewell, including ex-colleagues. There were 9 of us: Clara, Theresa and hubby, Kin Ming, Elizabeth, Yee Zher, me, Dennis and wife). Thus, it was also a get-together for old friends. =) We decided to have Afternoon Tea so that we could eat and yet still sit around and chat for a much longer time (rather than a proper meal). We thought it was also a good time to pamper ourselves. Lol.

We met at The Tea Lounge, Regent Hotel. As it was raining (so the slower traffic), we waited until everyone arrived (around 2pm) before we started tucking into our Afternoon Tea buffet. The buffet served sandwiches, scones, hot food (quiche, satay, puffs, udon, crispy prawns, chicken) and dessert (cakes, creme brulee, tarts, pudding, chocolate fondue). It was really, really difficult for me at the tea because I can't touch any of the desserts. However, I found myself gravitating towards the dessert table every time I went to get food. Friends often had to pry me away from the dessert table. Hahaha. Ok lah, I lied. I did touch some of the desserts BUT only like half a teaspoon each of the creme brulee, the opera cake, rice pudding and orange brulee tart. Only 2 teaspoons in total. See, I was very disciplined. LOL. (But to tell the truth, after 8 days of fasting from sugar, I did find the dessert kinda too sweet! Felt a little sick after that. Strange huh? Lol.) Here are what I couldn't take.

Don't they look DELICIOUS and YUMMY?? Lol.

In the middle of tea, we presented Clara with her presents and card. We got her a A4 size handy bag which she could bring to class. We filled it with little things which she might use in class/ school like post-it notes, pens, notepad, paperclips, and book markers. I made her a little "new teacher" survival kit filled with items which had special meanings, hoping to bring cheer and encouragement to her as she starts her teaching career. Here are our lovely photos. =)

We all enjoyed ourselves having our Tea, chatting away and lots of laughing. We left at 6pm. I think the Farewell Afternoon Tea cum Get-together was a success. Of course lah, who organised it?! LOL. Just joking. :P And a bonus, we managed to get 25% off cos I used my UOB Lady's card! Always good to save some money, no?? Hahaha. Err.. Good Friends, whatever you think you might have heard about a certain part-time RA who is feeling rich and giving you all a treat, DON'T believe it. IT is just a RUMOUR!!