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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Catching Up

I have been catching up with my reading. Haven't read a fiction book for ages. Took over six James Rollins books that my friend wanted to give away. Although I have my Kindle, nothing beats having a physical book in my hands and turning the pages eagerly one by one to find out what's next, especially adventure thrillers by James Rollins lol. Although I have read all of Rollins' thrillers, they still hold the same excitement as when I first read them.  I am having such a field day re-reading Rollins' thrillers! :) 

Friday, 29 June 2012

SYF Opening Ceremony Preview

Marieann was one of the 80 students from their school who attended the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Opening Ceremony Preview in the afternoon. She only returned home after 7.30pm. She said she really enjoyed the performances. Juliane was really envious and wished that she was in Primary 4 so that she could have watched the preview too. Lol. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012


It has been almost a week at school. The girls are settled into their school routine without a hitch. There are some changes in the time-table and in subject teachers but those didn't cause any problem for the girls. I hope the rest of the school term is as smooth-going as the first week for the girls.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Countdown to Prelims

It is the first week back at school for Semester 2 and the countdown to prelims has began. My P6 cousnsellees told me that they now have 20 school days left to their prelims. Wah, this bunch of P6 counsellees are a lot more engaged than the previous batches lol. Normally, I have to tell the counsellees when is their prelims and to start revising their work. Well, it is good that they are so "on the ball" (Singlish for alert, hardworking). I wish them all the best for their revision!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wedding Proposal

This has to be one of the funnier wedding proposal I have seen so far. 

 (uploaded by FlorianPurcarus)

Monday, 25 June 2012


Juliane and I went to watch Men In Black 3 yesterday morning. Marieann was supposed to come with us but she changed her mind and was too lazy to get out lol.
We got out of the apartment at 9.50am, managed to get the bus at 9.55am and arrived at Shaw Lido at 10.05am. We had 5 minutes to get the tickets for the 10.10am show! Thank goodness! Lol.
MIB3 has not lost its humour even after two episodes, especially with the pairing of Will Smith and Josh Brolin. Brolin's protray of a younger Agent K is absolutely brilliant and funny, and truly captures the essence of Jones' Agent K. Another character, Griffin (played by Michael Stuhlbarg), an alien psychic who gives a running commentary on the futures that he sees, is funny in his own endearing way.Although there are some loopholes, it is still a good movie to watch. It is funny, action-packed and emotional towards the end of the movie which was a surprise.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wide Awake

Wide Awake by Katy Perry 
This is her latest music video from her album 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection'. I love the little girl in the video, she looks like Katy Perry, especially the eyes! Lol. Love the whole video, very surreal and fairytale-like. :)

(uploaded by KatyPerryVEVO)

Wide Awake 
It is already 11.33pm and Juliane is still WIDE AWAKE! She is singing Adele's Set Fire to the Rain to herself! I am worried that she might not be able to wake up for school tomorrow. :(

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Duanwu Festival 端午节 2012

It is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month again. Time for Duanwu Festival. It is also known as Dragon Boat Festival. However, there are some who mistakenly called it Rice Dumpling Festival. :( Well, that could have come about because the focus of the Duanwu celebrations includes eating rice dumplings, drinking wine - xionghuangjiu (雄黃酒), and racing dragon boats. 
As children, my mother used to get my brother and I to do this particular Duanwu activity - standing an egg. If you are successful, it means good luck for the year lol. I used to enjoy it a lot. :) Now, my children are doing it too on Duanwu. You have to stand the egg up at 12 noon on Duanwu Festival. If you are one minute too early or too late, the egg would just roll over and not stand up. It has to be precisely at 12 noon! Till now, I still can't explain why 12 noon is the magical time but it is just lots of fun trying to stand an egg up. Juliane managed to get her egg standing up. :) 

Try standing an egg at the next Duanwu Festival if you have the time or the egg. It is a fun activity for all. :)

Friday, 22 June 2012


Handlebar is definitely bikers' haven or for the 'biker' in all of us lol. :)
I fell in love with the place. It is in a remote area in Sembawang but I personally felt the remoteness is part of Handlebar's charm. The outdoor dining, the care-free and unpretentious atmosphere, the rock-and-roll music, the great tasting food all contributed to making Handlebar a great place to hang out and chill out. :) Nothing was more satisfying than downing a big glass of ice cold lemon tea (I guess beer would have been great too lol) on a warm evening and tearing into two huge slabs of grilled pork chops! :) The sense of freedom I felt while eating at Handlebar is unparallelled. I think if I had held my pork chops with my bare hands and bit off chunks of meat or if I burped loudly, no one would have battered an eyelid! Lol, not that I really did those things. :P If you love hearty food, here is the place to come to.

Blossom Onion - looks and tastes delicious!

My pork chops with a quirky name - Slap Yo Momma Pork Chop LOL

Righteous Ribs - tender and juicy

I would definitely come back again because I want to try its Beer Butt Chicken (don't mean to be rude) lol. Love what the one of the founding bikers/owners of Handlebar, Chris wrote on the website: "Keep your seat soft, ride high and live free". Maybe there is a 'biker chick' in me dying to get out haha. :P

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

This is the girls' current favourite song by Adele, Set Fire to the Rain. Juliane has even memorised the lyrics lol. 

(uploaded by AdeleVEVO)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Glee 3: Goodbye

The final episode for Season 3 of Glee!! Going to suffer from glee withdrawal syndromes... :( 

Forever Young (uploaded by GleeOnFox) 

Burt Hummel's Single Ladies (uploaded by GleeOnFox)

I'll Remember (uploaded by GleeOnFox)- My favuorite song :)

You Get What You Give (uploaded by GleeOnFox)

 In My Life (uploaded by loveglee4eva)

 Glory Days (uploaded by OnMusicGlee1)

Roots Before Branches (uploaded by GleeOnFox)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Glee 3: Nationals

Last Tuesday, we managed to catch the last two episodes of Glee when we were in Bali. The girls were most happy that they did not miss their favourite tv programme even when on holidays! :) 

The Edge of Glory, It's All Coming Back to Me Now, Paradise by the Dashboard Light (uploaded by 023jeffery1)

Starships (uploaded by GleeOnFox)

Pinball Wizard (uploaded by GleeOnFox)

Tongue Tied (uploaded by cheetaa347)

We are the Champions (uploaded by OnMusicGlee2)

Monday, 18 June 2012


Used to hear the saying that the more higly qualified one is, the more likely one will be unemployed because of over-qualification!

So PhD = unemployment?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hot and HOT

The weather in Singapore has been really hot. When we were in Bali, the weather was really hot too, especially on the first day and the fourth day. We thought coming back to Singapore, we might get better, i.e. cooler weather. Well, it was fat chance lol.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Bali: Afterthoughts

We have been back in Singapore for a day and we realised that we missed Bali lol.
I missed the laid-back lifestyle, the greenery (the natural kind, not the man-made kind in Singapore) and the inexpensive prices of food. :)
Both Marieann and Juliane mentioned that the rice terraces, the stray dogs and cats, and the crazy driving in Bali made the deepest impressions on them. Both of them would love to go back to Bali again and they want stay at Desamuda Village again lol.
Here are some photos of Desamuda Village that were not uploaded previously.

The villa that we stayed in, Villa 20

Room 20.1 is the bedroom downstairs and Room 20.2 is the bedroom upstairs in Villa 20

Swimming Pool II (the first villa in the background is our Villa 20)

Another one of the resident cats, a very shy orange tabby :) Didn't get to take photo of the other two shy cats, a grey tabby and a black and white cat. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bali Farewell

We are leaving Bali today. We are having mixed feelings. On one hand, we don't want to leave as we are enjoying our holiday. On the other hand, we will be glad to be home. 
We woke up around 8am, had breakfast by 9.15am and our luggage are packed by 9.30am. At the moment, we are relaxing at our villa before checking out at 10.30am. Our airport transfer will send us to the airport at 11am. Our flight is at 2.15pm and we should arrive back in Singapore by 4.55pm. 
I will update again tonight when I am back to Singapore.
Updated 11.27pm, 14 June 2012
Since the transport was ready, we left for the airport after I checked out from the hotel. We arrived at the airport at 11am. We were too early as the counters for our flight were still closed lol. :P Thankfully, after a 15 minutes wait, the counters were opened. By 12pm, we had cleared immigration and we were doing some shopping lol. Basically, I wanted to use up my Indonesian Rupiah! I bought Juliane a dress, some postcards and souvenirs, and something to eat and drink. No luck in trying to spend all the rupiah. Guess will keep them for the next trip to Bali lol. :P 
Our flight took off on time at 2.15pm. The flight was a little bumpy but we were alright with that, it's like a roller coaster ride lol :P  We landed in Singapore at 4.30pm, 25 minutes ahead of ETA. By 5.30pm, we were home. :)
After checking out at Desamuda Village reception lobby

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bali Shopping, Rest & Relax

Today is our 4th day in Bali. We took it easy and just went with the flow. We slept in and woke up around 8am which was still pretty early lol. We took our time to dress up and went for breakfast only at 9am. Surprisingly, there were hardly any hotel patrons at the restaurant. Maybe they had their breakfast much earlier. :P Today's breakfast selection was quite good and we had a leisurely-paced breakfast. :)
After breakfast, we ventured out to explore the shopping around Desamuda Village. We walked up north along Jalan Raya Seminyak and turned into Oberoi. We were out for about 1.5 hours and we couldn't take the heat. We kept ducking into the stores to get a break from the heat lol. :P We did buy something from two of those shops - a dress for myself and four natural stones bracelets for myself and my girls. As it was way too hot, we went back to our villa. 
Since it was nice and hot, I let the girls have a swim. They finally got to swim in the villa pool lol. I joined them for a bit to keep an eye on them. After 45 minutes, I had to force the girls out of the pool with threats. They loved the pool so much that they refused to leave it.

Since we had a full breakfast and didn't feel hungry., we decided to go out again much later, closer to 5pm for a late lunch/ early dinner and maybe some window shopping. Meanwhile, my mother and the girls are watching tv, and I am updating my blog. I think I should go lie in bed to read my James Rollins' Excavation. :)
I will update my blog later tonight. See you. :)
Updated 11.32pm, 13 June 2012
We went off for dinner just before 5.30pm. Decided to go for Western food lol. :P We went to Warung Italia on Jalan Kunti which was a 5 minutes walk away. The girls and I enjoyed the food immensely because it was NOT spicy lol. :P Juliane ordered a Carbonara (bacon) (IDR 35,000), Marieann a Carbonara Seafood (IDR 55,000) which was not common back home (see photo) and my mother and I shared a pizza with tomato, cheese, chicken and mushroom (IDR 60,000). The service was fast, the food was tasty and the price was value for money. In addition to the main courses, we had 3 iced lemon tea (IDR7,000 x 3) and a bowl of 3 scoops of Gelato: Apple, vanilla with choco chips, and coffee (IDR 30,000) to share and the total bill was only IDR 201,000 (approximately SGD$28)! :) 

Marieann's Carbonara Seafood came with a whole crab!
After dinner, as it was only 6.45pm, we decided to do some (window) shopping along Jalan Kunti and Jalan Raya Seminyak lol. Within the first 10 minutes, Marieann got a dress lol. For the rest of the hour, we tried looking for something for Juliane but there was nothing. :( We headed back and reached our villa just before 8pm. My mother and I did some packing. I think we should be alright and within the weight limit of 20kg for the check-in luggage, I hope lol. We will only know for sure tomorrow morning.
Our last night in Bali... will kind of miss it lol. :) 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bali Nature & Shopping

We are still going strong for Day 3 of our Bali trip 2012. :) We woke up earlier than yesterday at 7am and were at the restaurant for our breakfast at 7.30am lol. The best breakfast dish is definitely the omelette. 

Us at the restaurant, having our breakfast
We set off for our day trip at 9am sharp. First stop was Krisna Oleh Oleh Bali. Shopping! Haha. :P My girls and I bought snacks and souvenirs for our friends and ourselves. We were mindful of our luggage space so we didn't overbuy although we were tempted to as the prices were really reasonable and cheap lol. 
After Krisna, we went off to Bedugul which was close to 1.5 hours drive away from Seminyak. Just before 12pm, we arrived at our second stop: Lake Beratan to see the Ulun Danu temple or better known as the Temple on the Lake. The temperature, like in Kintamani (Mt Batur, Lake Batur), was a lot cooler and walking around was really comfortable and no sweat, literally lol. :P 

We proceeded to the twin lakes - Lakes Buyan and Tamblingan. The view of the lakes and the green mountain was breathtaking. 

The bigger twin of the Twin Lakes - Lake Buyan

Us with Lake Buyan in the background

The smaller twin - Lake Tamblingan

Us with Lake Tamblingan in the background
It was 1.30pm when we got back down to Pacung area. We went to Labhagga for lunch. It was buffet lunch (IDR 80,000 for adult and 40,000 for child). Again, the variety not extensive but the food was warm and tastier than the other buffet place at Mt Batur. The view of the rice terraces from the restaurant was fantastic. I would recommend this place for lunch if around the Bedugul area. 

We started out from Pacung for our second last stop of the day - Tanah Lot Temple. We managed to get to Tanah Lot under an hour lol. It was 3.30pm and we decided that we would not stay for the sunset as it was like 2-3 hours' wait. We told our guide to come back for us at 5pm. Even though it was only 3.30pm and far from sunset, the place was crowded. We quickly got our photos and went for shade lol. We browsed in some of the oleh oleh shops at Tanah Lot, more for the air-con than to buy stuff haha. :P Thank goodness, our guide came earlier and we were off to Tanjung Benoa for dinner.

Tanah Lot Temple in the midst of the sea during high tide

The drive to Tanjung Benoa took about an hour and we were the second patrons to arrive at Bambu Bali I for dinner at 6pm. :) We ordered the Balinese Rijsttafel (IDR 450,000) for two - soup: clear chicken soup; mains: tuna salad; pork, chicken, seafood sate; shredded chicken with chilli and tomato; minced duck in banana leaf; pork in sweet soy sauce; chicken curry*; seafood curry*; grilled fish fillet; two vegetable dishes; two types of rice; dessert: Balinese kuehs (cakes); Glutinous Rice Flour Dumplings in Palm Sugar Sauce; Green Bean pudding; mixed fruits. The girls were ordered a Nasi Goreng (IDR90,000) to share which came with chicken sate. We were very stuffed by the end of our delicious dinner. :) The price is a little on the high side but it was worth it. :P

The table decoration, not including the crackers :)

Us at Bambu Bali I

The Balinese Rijsttafel - soup and main dishes

The Balinese Rijsttafel - desserts

Nasi Goreng with chicken sate
We finally arrived back at our villa just past 8.30pm. It was a long but exciting day for us. Tomorrow will be a break for us, free and easy. Probably doing some shopping lol. Maybe a spa treatment too haha. :P 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bali Art & Nature

It is Day 2 of our 3-generation of women/girls' trip to Bali. The sky was overcast which made the day cooler for us but I was worried about rain/ thunderstorm. We were very lucky that it didn't rain at all despite the overcast sky throughout the day. 
We had our buffet breakfast at the restaurant at 8am and most tables were Westerners except for one - Japanese. We were the only other Asian table. Guess Desamuda Village is more popular with Westerers lol. The buffet spread was quite limited but the Egg station was good. At 9am, we set off for our day trip with our driver and guide, Susila. 
First stop was the Ubud Art Villages of batik weaving, gold and silver, and woodcarving. The processes of making batik, silver and woodcarving were explained at the respective villages. We didn't buy anything from the villages as we felt they were much too commercialised and expensive. 

My mother and the girls at the silversmith village
Our monkey found her monkey friend lol
Second stop was Ubud Royal Palace and Ubud Market. We took a quick look around the palace before crossing the road to the Ubud Market. My mother bought a few pieces of batik and the girls bought souvenirs for their classmates. It was such a chore bargaining. :S Both my mother and I were really bad at it and we thought our father should be here instead. He is the bargain king in the family lol. I didn't get anything and I felt so empty lol :P 

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Market - stall selling wood carvings

Pretty wooden plates at Ubud Market

Art pieces at Ubud Market
Third stop was Mount Batur and Lake Batur. We had our buffet lunch (pretty late at 2pm) at Suling Bali, Mt Batur. The restaurant faced Mt Batur which was pretty cool and the climate was also much cooler on Mt Batur. The buffet spread was not extensive or fantastic but served its purpose in filling hungry stomachs.  However, as it was overcast, Mt Batur and Lake Batur were not very clear. :( 

Lake Batur

Mt Batur and Lake Batur 

Us with Lake Batur in the background
Fourth stop was Alam Bali, a coffee plantation. The girls were both excited and disgusted to know how coffee luwak was produced lol. We were given a sampler of the different teas and coffee to taste and we were enticed to buy a 500g pack of lemon tea by its delicious taste from the shop lol. 

The making of coffee luwak

The sampler (from left to right) - cocoa, coffee ginseng, ginger tea, lemon tea and bali coffee

Marieann and I outside the shop (see the big bag of lemon tea in my hand?! lol) 
Fifth stop was Tegallalang Rice Terrace. The girls were amazed to see and know how rice is grown. I am really glad that the girls are learning new knowledge on this Bali trip. :) 

Sixth stop was our crispy duck dinner at Laka Leke. I wanted to try this restaurant which had quite a high rating on Tripadvisor. We arrived at the restaurant at 5.30pm. As we only had lunch at 2+pm, we ordered just two dishes to share. We shared a Famous Crispy Duck (IDR 83,500), a Spaghetti A La Funghi (IDR 45,000) and a Tom Yum Kun (IDR 43,500). The duck was really delicious, I thought it was better than Dirty Duck's lol. We took a couple of photos at the lovely green rice terrace which were in the restaurant's backyard. :)  

At the entrance of Laka Leke

At 6.30pm, our drive and guide sent us back to Seminyak which was 1.5 hours journey from Ubud. We arrived back at Desamuda Village at 8pm. We had a long tiring day and were really glad to be home lol. Tomorrow is another day, full of fun for the girls I hope lol.