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Monday, 10 March 2014

NE Champion

I saw this badge. It belongs to Marieann. 
"What's a NE Champ?" I asked. 
Instead of explaining to me, she showed me this handout, "Leadership Training for Emerging Leaders".
My eyes widened. 
In the handout, it stated that emerging leaders include AV Monitress, Monitress, NE Champion, Quiet Captain, Eco Caption, etc. 
My jaws dropped! 
The qualities of a NE (National Education) Champion are: 
Positive attitude towards her love for the country
Familiar with the key NE messages
Confident speaker
Responsible and able to relay instructions to classmates
The role of a NE Champion is: 
To showcase school's efforts in NE
Assist in the implementation of NE related events
Selected few to be MCs for NE related events 
No wonder Marieann was memorising her MC script for the Total Defence Day event in school back in February. 

Quite a few things went through my mind. '
First of all, I am surprised that Marieann is seen as an emerging student leader by her teacher. I have always seen her as neither a leader nor a follower. Guess I need to reassess my knowledge and understanding of my daughter. 
Second, I am proud of who she is becoming. I hope with this experience as a NE Champ (emerging leader), she will learn valuable life skills and lessons that will prepare her for the future.
Third, what a coincidence that Marieann is now a NE Champ. I used to be the NE coordinator when I was teaching in SCGS lol. :P

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