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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Where Should You Study Abroad?

Well, what do you know. I did study abroad in Australia, just not in Sydney but in Brisbane lol. Guess it is close enough and in the same country haha. :P 

You Should Study in Sydney
For you, studying abroad sounds like fun, and not just the studying part.
You are full of energy and you like excitement. You are the type to hit the books hard while having a ton of other things going on.

Yes I totally enjoyed studying Psychology at the University of Queensland and learning to take care of my own unit (including doing household chores, marketing, etc)! It was fun and I was hardly homesick. :) Don't get me wrong. I didn't go out partying or clubbing at all. I was literally right at home in Brisbane (yes the same home that I recently went back to ship my personal effects back).

You want to completely take in whatever city you end up in. You want to do it all and to make a ton of friends along the way.
You are interested in everything. You have equal amounts of passion for learning and for adventure.

I am still in contact with all the friends that I have made at UQ! :) I still remembering studying hard - listening to the audio recordings of my lectures and rewriting my lecture notes (my notes were so meticulous that even my tutor photocopied them for future use lol). There was always one day a week, which I totally looked forward to, where my Taiwanese neighbour and I would just go on a day/ raod trip in her car. :)  

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