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Monday, 29 February 2016

29 February 2016

29 Febraury = Leap Day or Leap Year Day = Once every four years

Sunday, 28 February 2016


Sunday = DO Nothing Day :)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Early Birthday Celebration

As Juliane's 12th birthday falls on a weekday, 1 March Tuesday, my mother decided to celebrate it earlier today on a Saturday with a sumptuous meal of braised duck (special request by Juliane).
Juliane's favourite Braised Duck cooked with love by my mother
Juliane's favourite cake: Blackforest Cake

Friday, 26 February 2016

Off Day Work

It's my non-working day but I am working. :( 
Well, at least I can make it more enjoyable for myself working at my ex-student's cafe! Great food. :)
Cod & Chips (but I changed to potato salad) 
I am happy to see my ex-student, Sam Koh so successful. :) Learnt that another ex-student, Petrina Ho is working in the area haha. Can have a gathering next time. :)

Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Vet Cats

That's we call the pet cats belonging to the veterinarian who opened an animal clinic on the first floor of our apartment block. The vet has at least two pet cats that we know of who live in the clinic. This has resulted in us unconsciously leaving home (for school and for work) slightly earlier and going home a little later just so we can greet the friendly cats who would come right to the glass door and meowing away at us. :) The girls have been thinking how they could bring the cats home haha.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Future's Education

Have you ever wondered what education will be like in the future? 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Epic Music from Two Steps from Hell

When I feel like I need a little inspiration, I listen to this. 
 (uploaded by SphexAudio)

Monday, 22 February 2016

Yuan Xiao Festival 2016 元宵节

Yuan Xiao Festival is celebrated on the last day of Chinese New Year (15th day of the first month in the lunar calendar). It is also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. :)
Tang yuan (湯圓 rice balls) is usually eaten on Yuan Xiao Festival as the Chinese people believe the round shape of the rice balls symbolises togetherness and eating tang yuan will bring happiness and good luck in the new year. 
Thanks to my lovely colleagues and friends who surprised me with a bowl of tang yuan in the office! Love it! :)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

SCGS Annual CNY Gathering 2016

It's that favourite time of ours during CNY again - our annual SCGS CNY gathering! As usual, we are surrounded by good food (lo hei, mee siam, kuah pi tie, fish cutlet, chicken wings, mutton curry, roast pork, home-made ice cream, ondeh ondeh, cake), good wine and great friends! 
Lots of food and laughter. :D  
Lo Hei! 
The famous Mee Siam cooked by Karen! YUM!
Kuah Pie Ti by Karen too! :)
Delicious Fish Cutlets cooked by Hsiao! :)
New in 2016. Roast Pork cooked by Navin! 2017 please! :)
Laksa Ice Cream made by Peng Han! Love it :)
Beetroot Ondeh Ondeh made by Karen. Sweet! :)
Blackforest Cake brought by us and Juliane cutting it. 
All of us (watching Forzen - Let it Go!) Lol
Can't wait for next CNY gathering! Actually we don't have to wait till CNY to have Karen's mee siam, right?! Hahaha. :P 

Saturday, 20 February 2016

CNY Family Dinner

My mother never fails to invite my cousins and their families over for dinner within the CNY period to celebrate CNY with them. The chicken rice, braised pork bun and the soup are always a huge hit. :)
Chicken Rice, Braised Pork Bun, Fruit Salad, Soup with Fish and assorted vegetables

Friday, 19 February 2016

Part of the Community

It's pretty awesome when a top tier assessment journal asked you to review a manuscript submitted to it. To me, it means that my work in self-assessment is being recognised and I am a part of the Assessment community. :)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

This is one of the songs my girls are listening to, besides Adele's Hello.
Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift (uploaded by TaylorSwiftVEVO)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Radioactive - Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling (Imagine Dragons cover)

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover) by Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling.

(uploaded by PTXofficial)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Rose from Titanic

I have watched Titanic more than five times at the cinema. Titanic is one of my favourite movies because of a certain someone. I still go weak in my knees when I watch his movies haha. :P What the heck, decided to have a bit of fun when I did this Blogthings quiz.
You Are Rose
You are very headstrong and stubborn. You can be seen as opinionated, but you're not going to apologize for being smart and savvy.
You follow your heart, even when everyone else gives you grief for it. You know what's best for you.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Life's Simple Pleasures 2016

Life's simple pleasure is being able to watch one's favourite tv series - The Walking Dead when the series returned after a break. :) I have been dying to know what happens after that cliff hanger! 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016 & Happy Ren Ri (人日) 2016

This year's Valentine's Day and Ren Ri (7th Day of CNY) happens to fall on the same day, 14 February 2016. Double celebrations! :) 
Happy Valentine's Day 2016
and Happy Ren Ri (人日) 2016

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Adele's Hello & Mozart's Lacrimosa by The Piano Guys

Another fusion piece from The Piano Guys - Adele's Hello and Mozart's Lacrimosa
(uploaded by ThePianoGuys)

Friday, 12 February 2016

Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell

A catchy tune. It sounds familiar too. 
(uploaded by HalcyonSyzygy)

Thursday, 11 February 2016


It is going to be a breeze settling back to work after a hectic two days of CNY lol. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Holiday NOT Enough

Assigning the first two days of Chinese New Year "holiday" to be holiday is NOT enough. It is definitely NOT a holiday for the Chinese who celebrates CNY as we were busy preparing food, visiting family and friends, catching up, ... How is that holiday?! 
There should be another day assigned as holiday, the third day of CNY as Chinese believes this day is not a good day to socialise or visit relatives and friends because it is "Chi Kou Ri" (Day of Red Mouth) and in Chinese culture, red mouth means easy to cause quarrels and fights. The 3rd day of CNY will be the perfect holiday! 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016: Day 2

On the second day of CNY, visitors usually come to our place for these two dishes which are available for the whole day from late morning to night - Taiwanese style Braised Pork Bun and Hockchew Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua! 
大年初二,客人特地上我家来吃这两道菜 - 台式割包(新加坡所谓的扣肉包)和福州红糟酒鸡肉面线!
Taiwanese style braised pork bun (台式割包)
Hockchew Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua (福州红糟酒鸡肉面线)
The second day of CNY at our place is open house. My mother loves having guests over. She loves cooking for and feeding family and friends, not just during CNY, all the time! Feel free to come! :) 
My mother loves having guests over, she loves cooking for and feeding family and friends, not just during CNY, all the time! Feel free to com

Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016: Day 1

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐! From the ladies of my family - my mother, Juliane and I (Marieann is at that awkward age where she doesn't want to be in photos.) 
Finally persuaded Marieann to take the annual CNY family photo in the afternoon lol. Happy Chinese New Year from all of us! 

Happy Chinese New Year 2016!!

To all my family, friends, students and colleagues (both overseas and in Singapore): 
May the Year of the Monkey bring opportunities your way, and may all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements!! 
Happy Chinese New Year 2016!! 

smile emoticon


Sunday, 7 February 2016

CNY Reunion Dinner 2016

Simple dinner, happy reunion.
It is our tradition to have steam boat for CNY reunion dinner.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Last Minute Resting

This is the last time I can rest plenty before Chinese New Year starts on Monday 8 February 2016. Unless you are overseas, most Chinese will be busy visiting family and friends over the two days of CNY public holiday. There will hardly be any rest time... 

Friday, 5 February 2016


We met up about two weekends ago. It was really nice to see everyone together, chatting away and munching on fortune cookies haha.
We have worked together for as long as 5 years and as short as 1.5 years but it doesn't make a big difference. We are friends! :)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

I by Taeyeon 태연

This is the second time that I found a Korean K-pop song unforgettable. :P 

TAEYEON 태연_ I (feat. Verbal Jint) (uploaded by SMTOWN)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Green Calm

I realised that watering the plants and watching the plants multiple in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is very calming and satisfying haha. However, in real life, almost all plants under my care die. Serious.  I just don't have a green thumb. :(

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Time for Fortune Cookies!

I bought fortune cookies and gave to most of the assistant and associate researchers I know in the research centre. So far, the feedback to me has been the fortune cookie messages are quite accurate. 
I am curious to know what are the best fortune cookie messages they have gotten haha. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

A Holiday is in Sight

Is my fortune turning for the better, especially after the last fortune cookie message telling me "Take time off to manage your personal matters."??
But if the "holiday" refers to the Chinese New Year holiday coming up, that DOESN'T count! 
Chinese New Year holiday is NOT a holiday!